Albert Uhrzeit, today, is considered one of the most intelligent and powerful magicians who has ever lived, for it was he who codified the rules of temporal magic, and he who worked Chronomancy for the first time. For, you see, there was an elven legacy of failure at the art, and they considered it a thing forbidden not by the gods, but by Nature itself. But through vast personal efforts, and the efforts of his dear friends, Albert was able to obtain the ancient scrolls and patterns, to begin to attempt to work them. For many years he studied them, tracing each failure, and slowly, oh so slowly, he began to decode the problem, assisted by study of the holes left behind by the Great Devourer. Time, and indeed, space, were the same, and not absolute as the elves had assumed. Many more years he struggled with this concept, until in his twilight years, he was able to posit the Uhrzeit Theory of General Relativity, an immense and complex tome that contained within its symbology and mathematics the secret to Chronomancy, though it is nearly impossible to understand.

But this was not enough. It was time for him to demonstrate his new understanding of the fabric of the universe, and do a thing which no magi had ever dreamed of. He would manipulate the very stuff of reality itself into a shape he chose. He would make a golem of the fabric of the Void. Yet, the final energies that coursed through his body stopped his heart, and as he spoke the last words, and drew the final sigil, he died. Though those who found the mage's body searched the chamber, they never found the creation detailed in his notes, and assumed it a failure. They could not be more wrong.

Full Description

The Void Golem cannot be seen, nor felt, nor heard directly by the traditional five senses of mortal man, for it possesses no body that we would recognize as material. Yet, to look through the Void Golem is to see a strange distortion, as if looking through the shimmer of blazing heat, and to step through the space occupied by the Golem is sickening, the sense of balance destroyed as down becomes a dozen directions at once.

While it currently sits in its master's lab (now preserved for posterity), patiently awaiting command, the Golem is, in theory, capable of interacting with the world around it, by directly manipulating the basic forces of the world, most particularly gravity. No blade or bolt may harm it, and rare is the spell capable of altering space itself, and they are mostly chronomantic in origin - Peculiarly, the most common spell capable of interacting with the golem is the simple lightning bolt, as it can vibrates the ties that build the golem itself, as the concentration of electromagnetic force passes through the space where it was. Notably, while this and similar spells may do (reduced) damage to the golem, it will also pass through the golem, and strike whatever is on the other side with full force. Spells that are dimensional in nature will also effect the golem.

More, because of its nature, the concept of 'where' has little meaning to the golem, allowing it to teleport itself at will. It is also able to control its personal flow of time with utmost precision, though it cannot reverse or stop it - It must move forwards, as the laws of the universe dictate, through causality.

Additional Information

For now, the Void Golem is inactive. However, Albert's notes contained detailed instructions that an accomplished chronomancer could used to build a control talisman.

PCs may have to construct the talisman, guard it, steal it, recover it, etc, for the Void Golem is power disruptive to most places.

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