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The Temusa snake is native to the Sanje Swamplands. The swamps themselves are dangerous enough, filled with diseases and dangers creatures abound.
The venom of the Temusa snake has many miraculous properties. One of these properties is it's rather ironic use as a cure-all for just about anything. Within hours of being bitten, any disease, injury, long term injury, magical disease, or even the effects of aging, will be cured. However, within minutes, not hours, it will kill the victim.
There is an herbal tea, gathered from the Kajnol mountains in the south-east region of the world, that is extremely rare, and even harder to access, because of it's natural and non-transplantable habitat on the underside of a particular cliff's edge that is notorious for its fertile, but very unstable soil. If one manages to actually harvest this plant, it must be dried in a one year process that is native to those regions. Hastening of this process is risky at best as the tea is often rendered useless, and, given the nature of it's use, is even riskier in application. In dried form, it can be stored indefinitely, but once brewed, is only good for a few days at most.
This tea will counteract the harmful effects of the venom, which, in order to work, must not travel through a medium other than blood. Any application other than a bite is often pointless. Even the Kajnol miracle tea, which has many strong curative properties by itself, is not strong enough to completely counteract the Temusa snake venom, however it does delay the effects. Once bitten, assuming that the Kajnol miracle tea was ingested immediately before or afterwards, the victim has only sixteen days before his excruciatingly painful death.
With healing potions and salves, the effects of death may be delayed, but only by a few extra days at most. Every minute is needed to make the 20 day journey southwest where the final antidote can be found. If enough horses are killed by exhaustion in order to speed up the travel, the trip can be made in only fifteen days, where the Melnor root may be ground and put into an antidote in a process that takes a minimum of six hours to prepare, and only then by a skilled medicine man. It is recommended that arrangements be made before hand. The Melnore root loses it's potency within 12 hours after being uprooted.
The Melnor root comes with a few side effects however. Specifically, a severe month long rash. Most consider it a blessing to be alive however, and after the month, are found extremely well, and many years younger.
The anti-aging effects of this process are not quite perfect. no matter how many times the process is undertaken, the anti-aging effects are always slightly less than perfect. For this reason, it cannot quite grant immortality, but for a highly expensive, lengthy, and painful process, it can increase ones life to near immortal status.
Because of the high risk involved in this process, it should be noted that most who have attempted to repeat this process to increase their life span, have instead shortened their life instead. Only the very rich and very determined should try this.

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