How many times did you need a small or larger town where you would know how the honoration will react on the adventurer's deeds and misdeeds, the news of a monster living nearby, a powerful necromancer arriving, or an unnatural death in their midst? Where you can see who knows whom, and who is close to, or distant to a certain person? You need to know this if you want anything from them.

The purpose of this scroll is to create a 'normal' community, a sort of neutral background to stories of glory and woe. Here, we need 'common' people with few inclinations for the larger-than-life and epic. I know it is not easy, but I am sure you are up for the challenge. ;)

The people to be included here are not of the lowest rung of society. No, they are the merchants and nobles, even priests, all those who determine the petty and not so petty politics of the town.

For their creation, I have but one condition on you: every citizen must be linked to at least one other, meaning, they must have a significant relationship (and the link, too). A scroll entry may contain one character, or several, like a family (possibly with servants) living in one household.

See the Village People for a fine example.

Town Characteristic
Trying to make the town as generic as possible, little can be assumed. Let us just say, that it lies closely to a crossroad of a trade route (or at least on the route).

A port (river or sea) can be assumed to exist as well, but please don't dwell on it too much. :)

This part may grow depending on your posts and ideas.

Character Index

Gavin "Bonebreaker" Llawkeeper
Midian of Ranulphens
Danphir Bowerblade III, Esq.
Ferdinand Lenders
Sir Lord Baron Venfreid Harrold Senubus, Duke of Halfcreek, Count of Thesland, ... a.k.a. "Harrold the Herald"
"Sir" Bercherd Gaudran
Milton Redfern
Matron Maranisha Hopsham of St. Margaret's chapel
Ryan Archiletta
Yvonna Jolly
Daunton Sedwick

And this here is a little 'framework' you can base the characters on, if you want. Just cut&paste (but feel free to use another type from the Village People, or make your own).

Appearance (gender, approximate age, mannerisms and the like)

Family and Life (this is the place for background and noteworthy family members)

Special Equipment (things beyond what a person with the job and status would have)

Roleplaying Notes (how can they be interacted with, and how they may be useful)

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Gavin 'Bone Breaker' Llawkeeper

Appearance: Gavin is a large muscular middle aged man. His red hair is streaked with silver and his beard shows a fair amount of it too. He is extremely polite and friendly. He shows signs of both courtly etiquette and military training in his demeanor and bearing.

Family and Life: He comes from a long line of military men in the service of the King. He spent several years in service as a soldier and then a Captain of the local militia. Gavin is currently grooming both of his sons, Eoghan and Rory, to follow in his footsteps. His wife, the still pretty Ailsa, is content in the knowledge that her husband was a good officer and well respected man. Their daughters, Ada, Bonnie and Finola, are diligent in their studies of court etiquette, hoping one day to be invited into the ranks of nobility.

Special Equipment: Gavin carries with him 'yn Guilley-glass', a large single handed hammer. Its name means 'the Lochman', an undertaker's assistant. He uses this to keep the peace in his lands, hence the name 'Bone Breaker'. He still has a suit of boiled leather armor with the Kingdom arms on it set on a stand in his home as a fond memory and in case of emergency.

Roleplaying Notes: He is quick to anger when trouble finds its way into his lands, and will defend them ferociously. He will assist any who might need his help, provided they offer a bit assistance in return (like patrolling the area, clearing out bandits, or something similar). He has the ability to deputize people in his employ as 'official guards of the land' or 'courier of the King', though this is rare and one would need to prove himself beyond doubt first. He will leave his home only for short periods and only when none other than him can go.

Midian of Ranulphens, or Sir Midian of Ranulphens


Balding at last, this stern man over fifty will not succumb to old age easily. He is the one to represent the family of Ranulphens in town, and the role of a patron suits him well. Dressing well, but ignoring any fashion trends, he is often seen on his carriage off to this or that business in town, or a meeting. Unlike many of his wealth, he is willing to step down from that carriage and walk around to see what he is dealing with.

Family and Life

The family, or clan of Ranulphens owns most of the forests around the town, and some property more. While preferring to stay in their homes, to have a representative here is useful, and Midian fits the role. Whether is this position a reward or punishment, is unknown.

His wife, Cecilia, takes care of their household, as he runs his businesses, but somewhere among the maintenance and ordering employees, have the two grown apart over the years. Some feelings are still left, though. But the only thing that really makes the man laugh, is when his children come around with the grandkids (he has a son and two daughters, all married).

But life was stable... until this Gavin arrived. Of acceptable stock, but lower class nonetheless, he has married his niece, Ailsa, and came to live into town. Of course he was expected to help them settle down, and make sure they lead an acceptable life, and so he did. Little love he had for a man too uncouth for the fine dealings among those who make the decisions. But Gavin turned out actually useful. A honest man can easily expose the deeds of the less virtuous... and be an effective threat to some townsmen, with the right information.

Special Equipment

Nothing special for this wealthy man. Or maybe...?

Roleplaying Notes

Professional and cold, a man of influence that knows the world. He likes to be where the work is being done, and occassionaly gets his hands dirty. While he can be a skilled manipulator, he rarely applies this power, on the behalf of his clan perhaps. Sometimes he takes on a 'challenge', and decides to show a person how to really get through life, and what can one expect from the people... Gavin may be one such challenge.

Stepanich, the Beggar

Appearance A mouth full of rotting teeth and a single milky eye, are the most recognizable features of this man. He is not old, merely in his late forties, though life's challenges have aged him prematurely. Thin, steel-gray hair, falls down his face in greasy patches. He is usually found hacking up vile, malodorous, tobacco-globs of spittle, while squatting near one the local inns, the Sit-Down House, and pandering for alms and occasional half-filled mugs of ale. Once in a while, usually at night, Cecilia can be seen visiting and speaking to her half-brother.

Family and Life Stepanich is the half-brother of Cecilia, and the lady knows no end of her shame, at having her kin, follow her and her family to the town. A former city-guard, in a larger city, Stepanich was thrown off the force for rape, and the conundrum is thus, despite the fact that Stepanich is a rather likable, harmless fellow, he was guilty of the crime, and from that day on, his own life has spiraled out of control. He was charged and convicted, thrown out of the City Guard, and eventually became a well-known pariah. Things got so bad for Stepanich, that he had no choice but to leave town, and resettle where his half-sister's family lived, the town he currently calls home.

Special Equipment Somehow, in the uproar of his crimes and punishments, Stepanich managed to squirrel away his old guards' uniform, and still wears it to this day! Ripped, ingrained with permanent dirt and grime, he manages to at least stand out from the throngs of other beggars, as he makes his way though the town's streets.

Roleplaying Notes

Stepanich is almost always found outside or in the vicinity of the Sit-Down House, owned and operated by one, Giril Leebe. The beggar and the innkeeper are actually friends, and when the inn is empty, either really late at night, or in early mornings, Giril and Stepanich can be found sharing ale and speaking of the old days inside the musty taproom. In order to show the right 'face' to the public however, Giril pretends he doesn't know Stepanich when the place is full of customers.

Also, as mentioned, Stepanich' half-sister, Cecilia, can occasionally be seen bringing the destitute wretch a warm meal or woolen blanket.

Stepanich is no rumormonger, keeping mostly to himself and his own internal monologue, yet he sees much, and knows much about the comings and goings of the townsfolk, and may serve as a good source of unbiased information.

Danphir Bowerblade III, Esq.


Young and spry, Danphir has the appearance of a champion swimmer or runner. Despite his lithe and athletic appearance, he stands statuesque, as though he struggles to maintain his posturing. Straw blond hair is combed, parted, and waxed to perfection while steely blue eyes peer out from his narrow face. He is taller than most but seems to not quite fit into his body, like a child trying to appear as a man. When he speaks, it is eloquent, brief, and persuasive, his half-boyish tone seeming to add weight to his words. Always on the edge of fashion, he is dressed in the sharpest and newest styles, not quite a dandy but certainly a cut above the common rabble.

Family and Life

Heir to the famous Bowerblade fortune, Danphir has had little choice in his career path. His parents, Salqueth and Adolina, have groomed him from birth to be a 'true Bowerblade': a vicious, scheming, and ever-so-gentlemanly politician and businessman. As a boy, he was tutored by only the brightest scholars; in his youth, he graduated valedictorian at the Riversmouth University. No one would ever doubt Danphir is bright. But unfortunately, he never has filled the Bowerblade mold.

Danphir's trouble seems that he is in fact too intelligent and ambitious. Even from boyhood, he has always recognized people treat him different only because of his name, a fact that has ever plagued his conscious. The corruption of his family, especially that of his late grandfather Korzen Bowerblade, was never a mystery despite his relative's attempts to disguise or excuse it. Danphir wants nothing of the conniving political life; he would much rather become an explorer and chart the unknown world. He dares not voice this opinion, though: his parents would be devastated, then furious. In spite of his will, Danphir feels loyalty to his family and tries to play the unnatural roles of statesman and magnate.

Placed by his family in town to overthrow the Ranulphens' business domination, Danphir has had only marginal success. He has started a number of businesses and guilds, mostly retail and one carpentry association, and has managed to land a position as senior town clerk. Salqueth and Adolina, however, demand more of their son. Couriers from the capital frequent the town, always bearing the same message to Danphir: Why aren't you mayor of that damned town yet? Thus he continues struggling to take influence from Sir Midian and his cohorts. He is a closet philanthropist as well: under a pseudonym, he created the Renewal Foundation, a group dedicated to getting town beggars and poor farmers on their feet. His parents would certainly throw a fit if they found he was wasting money on such things.

Strangely, he is still a bachelor. Danphir's parents are quite ready to have grandchildren and raise them as the next generation of Bowerblades, new heirs to the empire. There's another trouble with that, too: Danphir has fallen head-over-heels for Midian's niece Ailsa. When Gavin Llawkeeper married her, Danphir fell into depression and sadness. He has recovered somewhat, but still pines for that which he cannot have.

Special Equipment

Aside from the myriad treasures of any wealthy man, Danphir does have one powerful tool: the signet ring of the Bowerblade family. Documents marked with this seal immediately gain priority in political circles all throughout the kingdom, and beyond. Any request sent to a family member or consociate, sealed with this signet, are sure to be answered quickly and without question.

Roleplaying Notes

Everyone in town knows Danphir Bowerblade, and all have opinions of him. Most businesses in the town are likely to be owned either by him or by Midian of Ranulphens, and price and customer competition between the two may lead to aggressive business promotions. PCs might run into Danphir if they deal with town politics, or they may even know some of his more famous and powerful relatives elsewhere in the land. If they know he is a humanitarian - as some in the Renewal Foundation may accidently leak - Danphir might even be willing to fund them if he thinks their quest is admirable.

Ferdinand Lenders


A bit shorter than the average, and a little plump (but not fat), even at forty he has the charm of his youth. His clothing is usually in that disorganized manner that looks still sweet.

Family and Life

Oh yes, it took him long to settle down. Of a noble, but not wealthy family, he was the charmeur of the town, he knew to sing the songs well, and play the instruments that are close to a girl's heart. He courted pretty much every girl of a fitting age and station around, including the pretty Ailsa. He gained a kiss from not a few, from some, it is said, even more. But a gentleman doesn't talk of his conquests, even if he likes to remember that time... besides his wife watches him too well.

And it was his last conquest, and certainly the hardest, that he finally married. Finnea, of average looks but a sharp mind (and a tongue if she wants), has let him hound her for almost a year before giving in; the marriage followed right after. Though she prefers to be quiet-spoken, she does think for the pair, and may intervene through her husband if the town's politics get too wild. It was on her nudging that her man started dragging Danphir on the social events, so that he finds someone to keep him occupied.

They have a single child, Lidia, a daughter not even ten years old, shy and withdrawn. It is yet to be shown if she has something of her father's talent. With her soprano voice she could be quite a spectacle.

Special Equipment

A collection of historical and rare musical instruments, Ferdinand likes to play them even now.

Roleplaying Notes

Almost a bard by his past, he knows to use words, and get the attention of men noble or low; surely, he will take on the mantle of the council's speaker one day (more a position of honour, but not without influence). Perhaps more important, most of the women that he knew in his time would still listen to him, and he has brought arguing sides to peace in this way more than once, thanks to his vigilant wife.

What he does not share with the world are occassional fits of epilepsy; not for a secret, but for a man's pride. Over the years, he has learned to simulate a mild lung disease, and to withdraw coughing when he feels another fit approaching, a faithful servant will guard him. He'll explain with a wink he has this little cold from all the nights spent under windows, and very few behind them. To this effect he often will takes a sip of a dark sirupy liquor, a medicine as he calls it.

Sir Lord Baron Venfreid Harrold Senubus, Duke of Halfcreek, Count of Thesland, Khan of the Purrheus Empire, a.k.a. 'Harrold the Herald'


A corpulent, middle-aged man of average height, Harrold looks all the world like a sewer rat. His straight silver hair is pulled back into a short pony tail, revealing a high forehead on a round face. Below his aquiline nose is a short and triangular moustache; and below his thick and pursed lips is a pointed goatee. Beady brown eyes peer out from beneath a thin brow. Harrold's walk might be described as a pompous waddle, an almost clown-like imitation of a royal stride. His attire is invariably unnecessary, consisting of thick and flowing robes of finer fabric, and often uses bright, gaudy colors. A coat-of-arms of some sort is always found on his clothes, usually featured prominently on the chest, back, or shoulders. When not frowning in disdain and noble stoicism, he is smiling through artificial ivory teeth.

Family and Life

Ah, Harrold. In some ways, he is a devise man: everyone either loves him or hates him, there are none undecided. Lenders met him long ago on one of his bardic travels, and they became fast friends of mutual humor, arrogance, and weakness. When Ferdinand returned to the town, he brought Harrold in tow, and both settled down to start a life of permanence.

It is difficult to separate Harrold's true biography from fiction and fantasy: a well-known liar and 'decorator of truth' (to use his words), there are many stories about Harrold's past. Some say he is a disgraced noble of a neighboring kingdom, disguised here in shame. Others, that he is an outright fraud, a highway robber who stole deeds and titles in order to make riches. The truth certainly lies somewhere in between.

What is known is that Harrold is an excellent herald. His knowledge of heraldry - shields, crests, badges, coats-of-arms, and the like - is encyclopedic. Anyone that discovers a tattered flag from a passing soldier or a badge left from an old battlefield will find Harrold a wise and interesting man, immediately able to identify the family and perhaps even the individual. Along with his heraldic knowledge comes extensive history, and few in the town know the kingdom's storied past than he. Often, Harrold is considered the most knowledgeable man in the town.

Unfortunately, he also has a sordid past and ignoble career. As self-appointed town herald, Harrold is glad to research the family history and provide coats-of-arms to anyone at the right price. Indeed, any coat-of-arms or history can be purchased from Harrold, who will gladly 'discover' (read: invent) ancient royal lineages and noble ties. An unusually large number of merchants and politicians in the town have some sort of nobility attached to their names thanks to the disreputable herald. Harrold's own titles are not invented, though: they were bought, purchased from disgraced lords and dissolved fiefs. Halfcreek, Harrold's own duchy, is completely underwater, flooded by a volcanic disaster decades ago and sold to Harrold by its unfortunate heir. Thesland, the county which gives Harrold his countship, is only an acre in size. The obscure and exotic Purrheus Empire was dissolved nearly a century ago; Harrold won the title of khan in a card game from a descendent of its last chief. His other titles are just as obscure, though Harrold surely has the papers to them somewhere around here. Even these have a price and may be bought for a hefty sum. Though true nobility despise and rebuke him, a number of merchants say he was their lifesaver: when the Ranulphens and Bowerblades gained economic dominance of the town, some small shops resorted to claiming lines as noble as their rivals' families, an attraction that attracted enough customers to keep many afloat.

Harrold married two decades ago to the comely Jildain who married him primarily for his titles. She has long since discovered the royal farce but refuses to admit it to anyone (though some say Harrold himself gets an earful of it every night). Their son Chervis, 17, is rather shiftless, sometimes minding the heraldry shop while his father is about, the rest of the time lounging with friends and unsuccessfully trying to court the town's maidens. Harrold is still proud of the boy, though. His only real friend in town is still Frederic Lenders. Harrold, aware of his 'falling sickness,' always covers for his friend at public events; likewise, Frederic excuses Harrold's occasional acute asthma attacks, something he developed from a bad (but since dropped) habit of pipe smoking.

Special Equipment

Harrold has at his disposal a wide variety of coats-of-arms, badges, and other heraldry items. Many are authentic, but just as many are of his own invention.

Roleplaying Notes

Harrold is usually found either in his heraldry shop or wandering about town looking noble. If anyone needs some sort of official heraldic document, Harrold can produce one for the right price. He has another use as well: information. As a well-informed heraldic officer - legitimate or not - he can easily identify forged or otherwise untrue claims to nobility.

"Sir" Bercherd Gaudran


A huge belly, ruddy cheeks and black hair woven into half a dozen braids identify Bercherd even to those who know him only from hearsay. Quite the proud traditionalist, Bercherd wears a studded leather vest with copper loops and foxes' paws tied to them, as well as a wide rimmed leather hat with coins attached, and a fox tail falling down his back, embroided shirt and leather trousers connected by copper rings to his boots; this dress is usual amongst the more rural of the original dwellers in the region, such as farmers, shephers, some mercs.

Most often, he will be encountered wearing a napkin freshly stained with gravy, or wiping his chins with said napkin, or tying the napkin around his neck.


Allegedly, Bercherd was quite an attractive lad before he buried his features in lard, and if it was so, then he was a fine company for Giselle, his wife, back then. A son and three daughters has she given Bercherd, and still retained a ripe beauty.

Along with an orphan girl of unknown origin and uncertain race he picked up near a trade route seven years ago, Bercherd dwells in his brewery near the Aalsen brook, an old granite structure complete with drawbridge he uses to call "my castle". Many of his farmhands, brewers and a few seasoned war veterans dwell also in the ancient brewery, ready to defend it from overly drunk customers, exceedingly greedy taxmen, or just anyone who would threaten his precious brew, or his three daughters.

While inside his 'castle' all call Bercherd 'sir', and despite being no noble, he has become sort of an arbitrator and leader for the surrounding area. When trouble threatens, the farmers from the vicinity hide in Bercherd's inn/brewery/castle and man the walls.

Correct and loyal as ever, Bercherd lets all those who have not wronged him in. A man of principles, he sees actions and people either as 'right' or 'wrong', never breaks his word nor betrays trust. Even when drunk, Bercherd will be civic and mind the manners.

Likewise, he adheres to father's beer recipes to the letter, knows the ancient dialect of his people, still opens doors for ladies, and even worships the dwarf god Lageron, as his ancestors who dwelt in close contact with dwarves did. He has a priest bless the beer, too.

Generally, one could say that in his backwater, Bercherd and his brewers have become a center for a mutually supportive and loyal rural community, ready to defend themselves against whatever fate may bring.

He is supported by and supportive of the conservative crowd, such as Gavin Llawkeeper. Cosidering foppish nobles and liars to be worse than goblins in the sewers, he has thrown (literally) Harrold Senubus out of his inn, and barred him from entering ever again.


*Everclean napkin: inherited; very effective at cleaning and staying clean. Repairs itself. Bercherd considers it the best thing since sliced bread. Wait. The best thing ever made, right after pork.

*Wind-Hammer: inherited; a standard issue throw-and-return enchanted hammer. Most often, the owner uses it to open barrels of beer, or to drive a tap into them.

RP notes

As long as you don't come across as scounder, or don't cross the owner, he's amiable and correct, loyal, and reliable. And, you can drink his best beers only if you win his trust, through deeds of course. Bercherd has a black-and-white world perception, and is none too fond of posh city sissies, nor most stinkin' foreigners, nless they happen to be generous noble foreigners who stay at his inn.

Milton Redfern, merchant and manufacturer

Appearance and RPing

Having both wealth and influence, Mr. Redfern is an unassuming, friendly person. Trying to be supportive as possible, he peppers all his sentences with positive words, so everything is 'great', 'very good', 'nice' and so on. His wife, Martha, is much more talkative, and while she is always polite to the customers, she can be very outspoken if she feels the truth is on her side. Though she speaks more, it is understood by the workers that he is the boss in the end. His ploy is to pay the workers slightly less and give large bonuses when there is profit (and they deserve it). From looks there is not much to report, though Martha favours shorter hair than is usual for a woman of her stature.


It was Miltons grandfather, who rised from a simple potter to the owner of a manufacture. The family took good care of the wealth and multiplied it, now they deal in many other goods as well. The grandfather is long gone, the parents fell to a nasty epidemic years ago.

Their daughter and joy, Tilia, is a sweet lass of fifteen summers, readily helping her parents in the family business. The workers like to see her, and can only agree that she has grown nicely. Unfortunately for many young men, she has already a serious contender, the marriage planned on next year.

They have also a son of a proper age, Orthon, who is less noticed by the workers. Intensely focused on the business, he is usually closed off somewhere, experimenting with new shapes for their pottery. Talking little, coming first, leaving last, his father is glad for the devotion, and starts to worry if he will find a good wife. Martha in turn, is much more quiet, and much more active in this area.


Milton is one of the few, that sometimes gives Stephanich work and pay, out of charity he says. Why he would do this is unknown, some have suspected blackmail, but he easily dismisses the beggar when he is drunk. Among the more proper citizens, he is acquainted with Bercherd, and the two have endless discussions about brewing and maturing of wine and beer. Milton keeps suggesting that a good jug is just the right container for young wine, which Bercherd desperately denies, and points out wooden barrels are tested by centuries of experience... it appears though they will be having this discussion for decades.

Matron Maranisha Hopsham of St. Margaret's chapel


Matron Maranisha is a woman in her middle ages who has aged gracefully. Of small slim build, she exudes an air of refinement, intelligence and quiet confidence. She is a figure that can easily melt into the background if she so desires.

Family and Life:

Matron Maranisha was the second of 3 daughters born to Frederick Hopsham and Heather Mayfair, who are both deceased now. Her sisters are Satrina who is married to the local baker Terry and Triasha who runs the apothecary along with her husband Philander. Maranisha also has an elder brother, Winelo Hopsham, who is father to the shrewd Finnea, Ferdinand Lenders's wife.

From modest beginnings, St. Margaret's chapel has grown somewhat under the direction of Matron Maranisha and is relatively well-off nowadays. It currently houses 8-9 nuns, several kitchen hands and a resident healer. While Matron Maranisha heads the service every morning, most of her time is spent outside helping the poor and outcasts. In addition, she has the confidence of many townspeople and often mediate in disputes. Most of the administration work at the chapel is now in the hands of the capable Sister Veronica. The two have become steadfast friends over the years.

Roleplaying Notes:

Since Matron Maranisha spends most of her time with the poor and outcasts, she might have gained the trust of people such as Stepanich, who might pass her information that could potentially be useful to adventurers. In addition, given that Matron Maranisha herself can be easily overlooked when she chooses and the confidence that many townspeople have in her, she is very familiar with any intrigues going on in the town.

Ryan Archiletta

Resident Healer at St. Margaret's chapel


Ryan is in his 30s, an amiable man who is well liked in the town. Ryan is tall and somewhat thin but not weak. In public he often acts reserved and yet to his patients, he always appears cheerful.

Family and Life:

A very distant cousin of Gavin, Ryan was orphaned early along with his sister Vanessa and were taken in by an old healer who taught Ryan everything in the practice of healing. Ryan's childhood playmates included a handful of the brewers that now work in Bercherd's as well as Veronica Luckshorn. In fact, Ryan has always had a crush on Veronica but was too shy to reveal his feelings. Subsequent to Veronica's taking the veil, Ryan married the youngest of Winelo Hopsham's girls but unfortunately, she died in childbirth soon after, along with the stillborn baby. Ryan has remained a bachelor ever since. In contrast, his sister Vanessa married early to the local carpenter and is already the proud mother of 2 boys.

Ryan used to live and work in the old healer's cottage but after the old healer died, his son sold the cottage, leaving Ryan with no place to live and practice his craft. Luckily, Matron Maranisha has kindly offered the chapel for his use. Ryan leads quite a busy but fulfilling life in caring for patients and visiting his two nephews (Ryan is very fond of them).

Special Equipment:

His healer's kit that contains herbs that are frequently used in treating illnesses

Roleplaying Notes:

Ryan would be a useful contact if information is required on illnesses, poisons and effects of herbs etc.

Yvonna Jolly

Spice Merchant's wife and Town gossip


In her mid-30s, Yvonna is short and plump but not too hard on the eyes. With a mane the colour of honey, large round eyes and a sensual mouth, Yvonna managed to capture a few stares before her once trim figure was destroyed by 3 child births and a soft life as a merchant's wife. Besides gossip, Yvonna loves extravagance and is seen in her best attire at all times with lots of jewellery.

Family and Life:

Yvonna is Milton Redfern's younger sister and married to Joshua Jolly the spice merchant. She has 3 teenage children- a son by the name of Jonny and 2 daughters, Jasmine and Jenny.

Although her husband's spice shop is one of the most profitable businesses in town and the Redfern family too is well-off, Yvonna is not above associating with womenfolk of lower social class than herself. Yvonna is particularly friendly with Vanessa and Triasha. As the town gossip, Yvonna spends the majority of her time visiting people all around town and chatting with them.

Roleplaying Notes:

Other than being an annoying information source for PCs (she would be more likely to talk gibberish all day on petty things but once in a while she just might happen to know that glimmer of something that the PCs need), Yvonna would be a prime murder victim.

Daunton Sedwick

Retired court advisor/mage


Although once a magician by profession, Daunton is broad shouldered and has a warrior’s physique. Currently in his early 50s, Daunton has blond hair that is just turning to light ash. To most, he might appear grim at first glance, which is partly due to the fact that he is hardly ever seen to ‘smile’. Yet, those who knew him well would notice the slight upturned corner of the mouth that is his signature smile and the glint in his eyes that betrays the warmth hidden behind the stern ‘façade’.

Family and Life:

Although bearing the title of Court Mage, Daunton showed more capability at military tactics and hence was in effect more akin to an advisor on defence. Tired of court intrigues, Daunton has retired early to lead a quiet and idyllic life.

Daunton currently lives with 3 apprentices: his niece Yilmina, a free spirited girl on the verge of womanhood; Erik Tinton, a young man with a serious disposition; and a shy boy still in his teens who is only known as Tainu.

Having come into contact with Sir Midian of Ranulphens during Daunton’s court days, the two have acquired a somewhat uneasy friendship. Daunton now sits on the town council and together with Gavin oversees the defence of the town. Being a capable swordsman, he also closely supervises the training of the local militia and youngsters showing promise at a military career.

Roleplaying Notes:

It might be a bit intimidating to approach Daunton if you don’t know him well. However, if an acquaintanceship with him can be cultivated and he approves of the person, he can be quite useful as an information source on military tactics, basic court etiquette etc.

Deneir Skoda



Sandy-haired and blue-eyed like most of the local population, Deneir is distinguishable through well proportioned features that are the basis of his good looks. Through subtle encouragements from Deneir, most people feel at ease when talking to him, especially females.

Family and Life:

The Skoda name is attached to one of the local families that were part of the initial settlers at the town and with extensive tributaries in terms of descendants. Hence, some form of distant kinsmanship can be traced between Deneir and most of the current town residents. Of his immediate family, Deneir has 5 siblings, all of which are still living in town. Invariably, through their own occupations or marriage, Deneir’s siblings are all plain individuals wielding little power over their surroundings. Deneir is the only one in the family who has risen above the common and, through his work, come to be respected across different rungs in the town society.

Seen by many as a ‘womaniser’, Deneir has had his share of troubles with secret admirers and jealous lovers/husbands. To Deneir, these are simply part of the ‘hazards’ that come with the job and so far has managed to skillfully fend off these unpleasantries. In terms of his genuine lover life, feelings are starting to develop between him and Yilmina. On the other hand, such feelings are so tentalisingly close to love and yet… not quite.

Other Connections:

One of the valued informants that Deneir has cultivated over the years is Yvonna and he has developed a highly efficient way of sorting the gem from the rabble in her often pointless chattering. Nevertheless, Deneir is still driven to the border of his sanity half the time when he approaches Yvonna for information because with her, any hold one manages to gather over the flow of the conversation is always tentative.

Roleplaying Notes:

Deneir would be very useful either as a link to other NPCs or a key NPC for a whodunit session set at the town (either part of the NPC investigative party or the ‘set up to be framed’)

Sir Lloydlyn Sanmadran

Noble’s son in ‘Exile’


Tall and lean, Lloydlyn is plain looking in an entirely nondescript way. He often has a glazed look in his eyes when he is preoccupied with his own thoughts. However, once he starts talking of his collection, this will quickly be replaced by a almost childlike expression of glee.

Family and Life:

A recent arrival at town, Lloydlyn is the youngest son of Duke Sanmadran who has only recently risen in power. Having committed the ‘2 Great Sins’- incompetence and sloth (at least in the eyes of his father), he was ‘sent’ to the town to prevent the Sanmadran name being further stained by his embarrassing actions. Ostensibly, Lloydlyn was installed in the town to oversee the collection of taxes due to his father. In reality, he is mostly seen around various taverns conversing with adventurers or in the library seeking out obscure references. For Lloydlyn is neither incompetent nor lazy but rather an enthusiastic collector of curios absorbed in his own pursuits most of the time.

Lloydlyn is acquainted with Daunton from his days in court and is a steadfast friend with Tainu. In terms of social life, so far Lloydlyn has been rather successful at escaping the clutches of aspiring parents who want to present their daughters to him as eligible wives by making himself scarce. He does attend the one or two social events that are unavoidable when one belongs to the upper class.

Roleplaying Notes:

Always eager to talk to adventurers to gather news of various curious items, Lloydlyn would occasionally ask for help in procuring certain items in return for monetary reimbursement. In addition, Lloydlyn might be willing to purchase particular items off PCs if said items take his fancy.

Christian Skoda

Chairman of the Merchants' Guild

Christian is a short middle-aged man with a homely face. Yet, it is hard to not like the man, given his pair of smiling eyes and the warm genuine smile always on his face. He exudes a feeling of serenity and warmth even in the most disagreeable atmospheres.

Family and Life:

A very distant uncle of Deneir Skoda, Christian is married and have six children, four of which are twins, born to Gilsie Mayfair (Matron Maranisha's cousin). He also has a large extended family, composed of a total of 5 siblings and 27 nephews and nieces.

He is currently the chairman of the Merchants' Guild. His daily responsibilities include overseeing the use of common resources by Guild members (eg. transportation channels etc.), brokering disputes between guild members and liaising with Sir Lloydlyn Sanmadran on behalf of the Guild on taxation issues (if only he could get Sir Sanmadran to even agree to a meeting).

Roleplaying Notes:

Christian would be a good source to contact for information regarding any mercantile issues or individuals operating a business. Christian might also need help on certain issues he comes across in running the Guild.