Long before, during the wars between Haléfas and the dark woods(dark elf inhabited realm) an apprentice elf mage called Queathini made an amazing achievement, without this lad's help, Haléfas might not be the wondrous wood it is today. Here is the account written in his journal:

Lord Valanair came to my master's house again, probably with the same news as last time. Many warriors were killed in a failed attempt to raid the dark woods. Each time Valanair comes it is with the same demands. 'Find a way to give us an advantage.' Unlike the dark woods, Haléfas's shadow changes through the day. Here at night it is dark. In the dark woods it is always dark. Dark elves can only see in the dark, so they attack at night. Our vision is stronger in the daylight though it helps us not, should we attack during the day, the sunlight does not affect the light in the woods, we are slaughtered nonetheless. I swear by this journal and all those who shall read it in the years to come, I will find an advantage over the foul dark elves.

The next day, an Idea entered his mind, though quite a strange one. Without any hint of his project Queathini went to work, months of advanced spells, more news of dead warriors and pleads of a saviour kept Queathini going.
Then, he was finished. He presented his artifact to his master, a human who had been accepted as a Haléfasian mage. This was unusual for elves liked to keep to themselves. 'Master Leviadan, I have completed my work.' after explaining his progress to his master, Leviadan chuckled and announced that it be shown to the counsel immediately.
Queathini had created a torch of black light. this confused the counsel, most thought that this youth was mad. Though, Queathini was far from being mad, The torch of black light was a great success in action, it was undetectable in the darkness of the dark wood, yet it permitted the user to see. At last, the dark attackers stopped coming, elvish warriors returned bearing good news. Thanks to Queathini's devotion, Haléfas was saved from a gruesome fate.

Magical Properties:

The magical ability of the torch is that when lit, the flame becomes black, without any heat, smell or sound, it is virtually invisible to anyone in the dark. Though, the holder can see its light, it permits the holder to see a white outline of objects around it, like a chalk drawing on a black board for example. The instant success was greatly appreciated.

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