Note: Much like the Nial Ironspirit entry, this is an experiment in presentation style. This is to be read as a militaristic style briefing, general information on the foe.

Welcome, Gentlemen. I'll be brief about this. As you already know, as of 07:12 yesterday, we are at war with the bloody granola eaters of West Sylvania. I'm here to tell you how these elves fight.

It is difficult to tell precisely, but we believe that the average elven lifespan is somewhat over one millenium. This means that they have an entirely different timeline to work with when it comes to training. The average Osterman soldier currently has six months of initial drilling. We believe the Sylvanians typically give an initiate soldier six decades of combat training. The first soldiers we fight will be extremely well trained - Fortunately, we expect that their replacements will drop in quality as we kill them.

A Sylvanian Soldier is typically trained in four melee weapons, in addition to the bow: The Longsword, the Dagger, the Spear, and the Weighted Chain. Each of these weapons is mated to a combat style which functions with, and without the weapon. Fortunately, they tend to strongly specialize with a single path.

They name the style of the longsword 'path of the eagle'. It is typified by attacks-in-passing, and by strikes made with the open hand, which they use as a claw. The stances are fluid, quick, and responsive, allowing both defense and flowing strikes. Adepts at this path will particularly attack the face and shoulders of the foe, to blind and cripple the ability to fight back. Don't let him pass you. Stab him, straight on, with spear or longsword.

They name the style of the dagger 'path of the wolf'. It is typified by darting motions, and strikes with the foot and open hand, which is shaped into a knife when striking. His combat stances will dictate nimble defense and explosive motion, sacrificing attack for defense. Adepts at this path will focus on the stomach, lower back, and legs of a foe, first to cripple, then to kill. Entangle him if you can. Wait for him to come in, and don't let him come back out.

They name the style of the spear 'path of the stag'. It is typified by powerful and direct attacks, thundering with spear, fist and foot against the foe's lower ribs, chest, and back. They fight in a strong, low stance, with planted foot, and once set, they are rooted with the tenacity of a great oak - To move him, one must kill him. However, he is slow at reacting to you, and fully on the attack. It is a simple manner to dart in and out of his reach, peeling his life away bit by bit.

Finally, they call the style of the chain the 'path of the serpent.' It is typified by powerful grappling, with the chain assisting as a tool to disarm, or bind the foe at some distance. Adept serpents fight in no particular stance - unless 'wrapped around you' is a stance. Stay out of their grasp at all costs - Make your attacks in passing, and should he capture you, move with him, until you can draw a knife, and slay him.. Do not allow him to use the strength of your own body against you.

And that, gentlemen, is what's going to be trying to kill us all. Godspeed, and good luck.

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