Gundrak, minor god of the Huska peoples, he whose domain once touched the border between rocky coast and vast sea, has long been forgotten. His great form floats upon the icy seas of the far north, encased in a shell of ice and snow, looking for all the world like another iceberg in the freezing waters of an inhospitable ocean.

In that far off time before his imprisonment, he was often cursed as aloof and uncaring by the Huska. Each winter saw fierce storms crossing his territory from ocean to land and causing great hardship for the primitive clans. Offerings to him went unheeded.

Retaliation came in the form of a visiting wizard of the south. He heard the pleas of the Huska and laid together a trap for the unkind god. With a song the wizard called forth Gundrak in a daze. With roaring winds and freezing hail did this wizard beat down Gundrak. With words of power did the wizard cause Gundrak to fall into a deep sleep, lost in a world of dreams. Ice grew from the waters of Gundrak's domain to encase his great form. Snow fell upon him, hiding his form from view. Mighty winds and waves drove the unwanted god from the shore and cast him adrift into the northern seas.

The Huska celebrated the wizard's success in saving them from an uncaring god. They drank to his health and heaped upon him all of their treasures.

Their celebrations came to an unhappy end, for without the intercessions of Gundrak, the sea dragons dragged themselves from the sea depths and onto the land where they laid waste to the Huska and their savior.

Ever since that time, the coast of the Huska peoples has been the dwelling place for the great serpents of the deeps, the incursions of which are a constant threat to the lands round about. It is said that only the release of Gundrak will save the land from this persistent threat.

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Plot Hooks

  • Heroic PCs have vowed to drive off or slay the sea dragons, although they are hopelessly outnumbered and overpowered. A little research, or perhaps a chance meeting of an old bard on the road, reveals the existance of Gundrak, thus sending our epic party in search of his slumbering form.
  • Whilst sailing the northern seas, the party comes across a strange iceberg emanating magic. How does Gundrak react once freed from his prison of dreams?