Oh, yes, they smoke here, and even if they wouldn't, the smell is deep in everything, and it would take years to fade away. Some smoke simple cigarettes made of leaves, others have fine cigars, there are common pipes and more exotic smoking accessories. Not all smoke tobacco or the local equivalents, quite a few experiment, and some of the back rooms produce strange smells indeed. New guests may (after almost choking) find their tongues considerably lighter, and heads heavier, even without drinking.

The personnel cares little for the guests; they serve what is asked for, but generally shows interest for only a few select customers. They drink little, leave good tips instead.

The patrons here are mostly higher servants of the rich and noble. Weary after a long and stressing day, they spend their free time here, with ironic remarks on other guests, and their own employers. While gossip can be found, if you listen, the servants know their duty and keep the real secrets for themselves. No one wants to loose a good job, right?

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