A small glass artifact in the shape of an hourglass, about two inches overall. The glass is unadorned except for a thin golden ribbon that runs from top to bottom and twists around the glass in a gradual spiral. This ribbon has thin, elegant runes carved in an ancient script.

Inside the hourglass is a black mercurial liquid that fills half of one of the halves. It is fragile and easily broken at the thin midpoint.

Magical Properties:

Though simple looking, The Sands of Fury is very potent. To use, the glass is snapped at the middle, where the hourglass is the thinnest. Once snapped, the two halves are held together by the golden ribbon.

Once the glass has been broken, the liquid begins to float skyward, and as it goes up, there appears to be much more of the black fluid pouring from the glass than was originally contained.

As the black liquid reaches the clouds, they become stained the same sable hue. As the mercurial fluid continues to pour out, the clouds get thicker and blacker. After nearly half a minute, the liquid stops, and the clouds break. Sheets upon sheets of rain and hail come down within miles and miles of the glass. As the rain and hail continues, tornadoes, severe lightning, and very strong winds commence. Trees are scorched, houses lifted from their foundations, and entire fields uprooted.

In regions of either sand, snow, or other such factors, the winds could result in blizzards or sandstorms. In large cities, tornadoes will rip down streets between buildings.

Finally, after over ten minutes, a massive lightning bolt will strike the point where the glass was broken, and the storm will dissapate as quickly as it gathered.

This item could be used for many reasons. Escape attempts, setting up for an invasion, sabotage, or anything the generally requires chaos on a large scale.

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