Full Item Description
A pair of tall brown leather boots. They reek of rum and foot odor. They can be found on the feet of Quickfoot Quagmire the Queer, an odd old man with a spring in his step and a flask in his pocket.

Quagmire used to be a Rumrunner during the war times, smuggling alchohol from wherever there was some to wherever there wasn’t, for a price. He was ingenious in his smuggling. He has even gone as far as to dress up as a women with a baby carriage, except the carriage was full of bootleg booze. His favorite method was to hide bottles of rum in his boots. This worked well, until he accepted something he was told was rum, but turned out to be a little different…

It was Magius Haggous’s Rum o’ Thinkin’ and it didn’t like being stuffed in a smelly old boot. So, it escaped into the boot, it shattered the bottle and cut into Quagmire’s leg. Now we have magical boots (They absorbed the magical Rum). Drawing on some of Quagmire Quickfoot’s essence (from the blood) the boots can now grant bursts of speed, and the ability to leap great distances.

Magic/Cursed Properties
These boots are fueled by Rum! The more rum you pour into/onto them, the more agile and swift your feet become. But, as with any alchohol dependant: There are limits. Two limits, actually.

The first one is Drinking Too Much; this causes the wearer’s steps to falter and stumble, their entire body will become clumsy and they will not be able to remove the boots without a lot of help… If they can sit still.

The Second is this: The Hangover. After the boots have drunk their fill and the effects start to wear off, this drawback comes into play. The wearer’s feet will hurt, like a headache, but in their feet. Stepping too hard can cause severe pain and even feelings of vertigo. The wearer will feel too tired to do anything, and will most likely not be able to think straight enough to realize to take the boots off.

Magius Haggous’s Rum o’ Thinkin’
This rare liquid is actually a magical potion with animal intelligence, and a moody disposition. It must be kept comfortable until the owner decides to drink it, or else it might turn violent.

It is extremely hard to drink, since it will resist being swallowed, and cause quite an uproar in your stomach for a while. The Liquid looking for a means of escape is a possibility, you may want to vomit or urinate. In extreme circumstances you may suffer internal bruising.

However, once sucessfully consumed the drinker undergoes a slight animal transformation. Gaining some animal instincts and intuition. As well as adopting a pack mindset, territorial behaviours, and a slight bit of grumpiness.

The rum can also be used to create magical items by adding the blood of any naturally occuring creature (None of your magical freaks will work, in fact: That might have some dangerous alternate effects) and soaking the item in the rum. This results are rather random and not usually worth the hefty cost of the rum, but usually use characteristics of the person or animal the blood came from.

Plot Hooks

- The PCs are hired to find out who is supplying alchohol to a small 'dry' town. Then end up chasing down Quickfoot Quagmire the Queer in an epic game of cat and mouse.

- Quickfoot is retiring due to an ailing liver and sore feet, he is offering his smelly old boots (hinting at great magical power) to the winner of a drinking contest.

- The Party witnessed Quagmire 'refueling' his boots in an alley. It could be a fun interaction.

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