Quickfoot Quagmire the Queer
Quagmire is an average looking man most of the time, and he likes it that way. Sometimes he is an average looking woman. He comes in many guises, always with the same goal: To deliver alcohol where it is needed, but only for the right price. He has a taste for the distasteful, an eye for coin, and is very athletic and fortuitous.

Quagmire used to be a Rumrunner during the war times, smuggling alchohol from wherever there was some to wherever there wasn’t, for a price. He was ingenious in his smuggling. He has even gone as far as to dress up as a women with a baby carriage, except the carriage was full of bootleg booze. His favorite method was to hide bottles of rum in his boots.

Now that the war is over, and the booze ban is lifted, he is running out of bootlegging work. He has turned to running rare liquors and dangerous substances.

The Old Life…
When he isn’t on the job, he is usually drinking with his boots in a chair next to him. His favorite drink is straight up spiced rum, which he is sometimes seen pouring into his reeking boots. He never slurs when drunk, but it’s obvious from his breath that he isn’t on his first drink.

When he is on the job you probably wont recognize him, since he usually has some sort of brilliant disguise on or is simply keeping the lowest profile possible.

His Current Life…
These days Old Quag runs The Drunken Boot, a small barroom typically open only at the end of the week.

The reason The Drunken Boot isn’t open very often is because Quag is often out trying to score some exotic alcohol for his own shelves or it is being used to house a criminal friend of Quag’s (He has many).

Special Equipment Notes
He has his 'gift from the gods of booze' known as the the Rumrunners, he carries no weapons but is deadly accurate with a broken bottle and always has an ace of hearts card up his sleeve (for emergencies).

From 30 Barkeeps The Rebel
The moonshiner and bootlegger, who sells contraband orcish ale and euphoria enducing elvin fey wine. d**n’s the man while making his money. Sympathetic to those on the wrong side of the law.

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