Full Item Description
This elixir is usually encountered on the body of a goblin, sealed in whatever happened to be handy when the maker of it distilled the foul substance. The color is invariably a filthy-looking mix of putrid green and rotting brown, and exposing it to air produces a horrific stench that leaves most unable to do anything but hold their last meal down. Many have decided that the foul elixir is a stink bomb of epic levels that the goblins were killed too swiftly to use, when in truth the potion is much, much deadlier, although only goblins and their close cousins can stomach the revolting flavor to drink it.

The Potion of Explosive Entrails is created by a mixture of secretions of any spiders, poisonous amphibians, toxic molds, and other deadly poisons the alchemist can lay their hands on, all brewed in a kettle with a thick base of goblinoid blood. Left to sit over a low flame for two weeks, and then stained through sacks of molding grain, the resulting elixir has the power to turn the drinker into a powerful explosive, although the cost is such that few but the stupidest or most suicidal of goblins ever dare to use it.

The origins of the Potion are lost to the crude nature of goblin history, but most of them generally agree that it was first used in the old wars when the dwarves and their allies forced the goblins from their ancestral homes. Rather than surrender the caverns, brave goblin heroes, who would be honored if anyone could remember who they were, stood near weak structural points in the caverns and quaffed the foul potion, leading to tremendous explosions that brought the caverns crashing down when their foes struck them down.

In the present age, the foul potion occasionally sees use among the most fanatic goblins, who drink it before charging into battle so that when their foes strike them they can take their enemies with them.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Potion of Explosive Entrails requires a short while to work, but when quaffed it has the following effects:
Immeadiately, it begins to react with the gastric acids of the drinker, combining to form a thick liquid that explosively ignites on contact with air.
After fifteen minutes, the body begins to absorb the foul liquid into the blood, effectively making the blood of the drinker highly flammable, and explosive enough that in most cases any scratch will cause the liquid still in the digestive tract to explode as well.
After half an hour, any scratch will make the drinker explode, as the liquid begins to permeate the flesh as well as the blood, effectively turning the unfortunate soul into a walking bottle of nitroglycerin.
The only way to avoid this explosion is to subdue the drinker and keep them in complete safety for a minimum of 24 hours, by which time the substance begins to break down as the body processes it. Some creatures with exceptionally slow metabolisms may remain volatile for much longer, however.

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