'Our neutral society was formed by a group of idealistic Vampires that did not favour war with the humans and formed this order with the permission of the Vampire King and Queen. However many other vampires did not agree with their approval and branded us as traitors! We who were approved by the Vampire King, the First Vampire himself! So we made our goodbyes and left vampire society to live among the humans so that we could finally find some peace'

The society/order of restraint is a footloose but not fancy free organization of vampires. They are trained to resist to the erge to drain life out a helpless victim and prefer to live a life of peace only using their necromanic powers if anyone treatens them or their loved ones.

It is formed of vampires that are peaceful souls and hate bloodshed. In a world where rival vampires would like to get you out of the way to be on the safe side and where the inquisition hunts anything not 'natural' not to mention fledgling vampire slayers trying to start on less vicious vamps first they find there is safety in numbers. It is basically a brotherhood that stay together for social reasons as well as protection. They do not hide as such but pretend to be humans and live amongst them (humans are the only race foolish enough not to see the difference). They do not have any desire for blood and sometimes socialize with humans. Apart from that they stay out of the affairs of man and undead, completely neutral.

While you may be thinking at this point that the order of restraint is an order of human loving vampires then you are wrong. Some of them genuinely enjoy the company of humans but most just don't want to be part of a never ending war. So in a way they are selfish and more detestable than ordinary Vampires as alot of normal vampires seek to take over The Land of the Dead because they believe that they would be better rulers than the feudal human kings.

Also they have been known to have brief love affairs with humans preferring not to see their partners grow old and die. It is growing more common however for vampires to marry humans by means of a blood ceremony thus making their partner a vampire too. However it has become a kind of tradition to have several children before hand which vampires cannot do. Once the children reach 20 they will also become vampire.

And that is all there is to it, the Order is very loosely bound with no bases and few figures of autohority and no rules except 'don't kill the humans'.

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1. The drinking of blood is like a natural craving and is not needed to survive. Blood is drink to feed the power of necromancy inside them.

2. Also the reason that normal vampires drink blood is because it is morally accepted. They stop their compulsion by simply being taught that it is wrong and a crime.

3. Then they just spend time under guard long enough to realise that they do not need blood to survive and overcome the addiction. Soon they lose all their necromanic powers and a lot of their strenght to become in essence the equivalent to strong humans.

4. sometimes tests are given for vampires with bad history to make sure they can withstond the compulsion.

5. other methods such as drinking less and less a day are used.

6. violation of these rules are punishable by exile without the protection of the order they soon die.