Powers: The lesser pendant is a charmed object that creates a ten foot radius once a week around the pendant, as long as the activation requirements are met. To activate the pendant, the bearer must see four of the birds depicted on the pendant all at the exact same time. The pendant will not activate unless it is four, and only four birds. Five or more birds will not trigger the pendant, and the bird required to activate the pendant changes with each use. The destination of the field is random, but often where the bearer needs to be. Identifying the next bird in the cycle, and keeping an eye out either to avoid the birds, or utilize this knowledge, is rarely effective.

Appearance: The pendant is, when acquired, a brass sparrow on a leather chain. On the back, it bears a rune for travel. The pendant’s shape will change after each use to reflect the bird that the pendant will next use to activate. It takes a skill check to identify the next bird in the cycle.

History: The pendant belongs to the warlock Ram, lord and steward of the Castle Incarnadine, near the center of Muntas. The pendant was stolen by a thief, who subsequently activated its powers by accident. The amulet has since taken its wayward possessor on a whirlwind tour, changing hands several times.

True Nature: The amulet is inhabited by a sentient entity from the feywild, bound there by Ram. This entity, while benevolent, has a sense of mischief, and will often result in trouble for its master if the bearer does not know that his help is required, or if he helps the wrong individual. The amulet will attract the birds required, in any way possible, even going so far as to temprarily reorder reality, if it senses the protagonists' help is needed. It often will try to decieve the protagonists, or disguise its true form, unless it wishes a good laugh from watching its masters try to avoid four birds of a feather.

Plot Hooks: The characters recieve the pendant from a beleagured individual, who presses the pendant on them, and then vanishes into a crowd. Searching turns up no one, but they do run into four sparrows

The characters find a little girl, all dressed in finery, wearing a brass pendant of a sparrow, crying in the wilderness. How did she get all the way out here?

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