In the Non, they are blind, forgotten eyes straining meaninglessly, for there are no photons to see. In the Non, they are deaf, for there are no phonons to hear. In the Non, they are anosmic, for there is no odor to smell. In the Non, they are aguesic, for there is no food to taste. In the Non, they are nothing, for there is nothing in the Non.

Cast into the Non, the soul begins to dissolve, the quintessence that was once invested in it by the Gods turned to nothing, a process that takes both an instant and and eternity, for within the Non there is no time. To be cast into the non is to end, and for that ending to take forever. It is death eternal, the true death, and yet it is to experience that death forever.

To enter the Non voluntarily, to retrieve a person, or a thing from it, requires the most powerful of magics. For within the Non lies all that ever entered it, and nothing at all. Within the non, neither the laws of causality or the chaos of the beginning reigns, for there is nothing, and anything that would leave the Non must take its own rules (or chaos) with it - and sustain them until such a time as they are able to leave. To travel the Non, the traveller must anchor his own frame of reference, his own time, his own space. In short, to move within the Non, one must create his own universe, even as it evaporates into the Non. It is questionable, at best, as to if those who can achieve such a goal are Gods themselves, by definition.

And thereby comes the reason that those precious few exit from all that is, and enter the Non. From within the Non, things may be recovered. Things which once existed, and never can again by other means can be returned to reality, constructed of nothingness. Things which never could be, too, can be retrieved, provided one knows how to find them within the nothing. One enters the Non, and gives the command to be. And if the command holds, then truly, in this new place, they can be gods. So very, very few succeed.

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