The year is 1641, Ireland. Ireland is about to enter revolt, Catholic and Protestant tensions are getting worse by the day, and Supernatural Evil threatens the whole world.
Amidst all this, Magnus Von Tyrsson, Monster Hunter Extraordinaire, claims to have been the man who killed Dracula.
In Truth, Magnus completed a magic ritual that brought the Lord of Blood back from his banishment away from Earth, and sought to learn from him so that Magnus could fight the Monsters that plague the world. The Lord of Blood survives, and has plans for Magnus and the other forces vying for dominance over humanity.

Dracula, Lord of Blood

Originally from Sudan, approximately 11,000 BC, Dracula (his true first name being lost to the sands of time) was part of a hunter-gatherer tribe that was experiencing poor conditions near the Nile Valley. The hungry and tired began to gather around the same plot of land that had food and water- creating a population crisis that lead to violence.
Dracula, human, had his leg maimed in the violence. Laying broken and defeated in the sands, he thirsted for anything that could sake the dryness in his mouth.
He crawled the distance over to one of the others who had been struck down, and brought a rock down over his head until the screams stopped.
Then he drank.
He drank again two nights later after he had tracked down the man who had shot him with flint-tipped arrows. Dracula drained the man dry.

Dracula headed North, slowly coming to learn the nature of what he had become. His first death came when his weakness to sunlight first manifested, scouring his body with burning ferocity under the hot desert sun.

Thousands of years later, Dracula returned, amazed at the changes wrought by time.

He continued North, continuing to opportunistically feed on humans he encountered. When he fed, he killed.

His second death was at the hands of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Returned again from the grave, this time in only a thousand years, Dracula sought out the descendants of the Pharaoh, and furiously slew each to the last, ensuring that the burial rites of the Egyptians could not be completed on the blasphemed bodies. It was a work that took him a century to complete.

Dracula continued his travels, living for a very long time in what would later become Jerusalem. His powers began to mature, growing stronger with each century that he spent feeding.

It was after a few more deaths and his arrival in Greece that Dracula first began to suspect that his powers were contagious. During this time Dracula also came to learn of the other supernatural forces at play within the world- forces that he were sure had become embodied within himself.

The Lord of Blood started to acquire skills as the time between deaths started to stretch longer for him. Alive for the entirety of the Roman Empire until its fall in the West, Dracula had established himself multiple times as men of power and prominence- a behavior he would continue for the rest of his life.

The fall of the Roman Empire prompted Dracula to head East to Transylvania, where he settled for a few hundred years, eventually siring his first crop of vampires. It was here that his legend began to spread as the first brood of vampires left their sire and started to travel the world.

It was Dracula's attempt to woo Mina Harker that lead to his time in Transylvania coming to an end. Rebuffed, then rebuked when he attempted to win her over by force, Dracula found himself facing off against a group of men who were to become champions against the supernatural evils of the world.

Wakening again after a few hundred years, Dracula began to head towards France, eventually finding himself in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Centuries of vampirism spreading without any guiding influence at all, Dracula discovered that his progeny were widespread, active, and hunted. Incapable of controlling their hunger, and feeding within population centers- not the groups of hunter-gatherers that Dracula cut his fangs on- vampires were a known threat to humanity.

Humanity had started to become aware of the supernatural. Werewolves, angels, demons, fairies, all of these and more attempted to consolidate what little grasp they had over humanity as it began to rapidly grow and become more technologically advanced.

Dracula doubled his efforts to mesh with human society, eventually overcoming his fatal weakness to the sun and the other tribulations that most vampires experience. He explored the depths of his gifts, steadily increasing in strength.

A few of Dracula's spawn grew to become Ancient Vampires- those usually surviving from his earliest experiments with spreading his gift- powerful supernatural creatures who often went to blows with more firmly established threats and won.

Still, his position as THE Vampire stood unopposed.

Things changed near the death of Queen Elizabeth, as Dracula found himself in a bitter feud with another supernatural evil, one who managed to rip him apart.

Dracula was unconcerned. He would return, as always.

He was rudely awakened by a young Magnus Von Tyrsson, about twenty years later.

Magnus had scoured the compiled knowledge of those who had hunted vampires for centuries, eventually tracking down and killing one of his original spawn from Transylvania. Reading through her journals, Magnus learned of the men who killed Dracula in Romania, and traveled there to learn more.

Returning to England, Magnus succeeded in raising Dracula back from the dead, and learned under the Master. After attempting to kill Dracula at the end of his training, Magnus found himself alone in Dracula's castle. Waiting for a few days, Magnus decided it would be easier to leave and claim that he killed Dracula.

Dracula was pleased. Magnus was a fool who didn't recognize what had been done to him- and better yet- everyone would believe that Dracula was indeed dead. There was an opportunity there...

Dracula, Lord of Blood:

Age: Approximately 12,000 years old, looks 30.
Appearance: Suave dark-haired gentleman with a very pale complexion. Tall, graceful and cleanshaven, with smouldering eyes and a carefree demeanor.

The apex vampire, Dracula is the ultimate sire of every vampire in existence. Ridiculously strong, Dracula is capable of hauling the average man off his feet with a single arm in a single second, or bench pressing 1,640 lbs. Also extremely fast, Dracula can run the length of a football field in 3 seconds, which makes him an exceptionally hard individual to catch in combat.

Along with his enhanced physical capabilities, Dracula possesses a number of supernatural abilities that increase his movement options and utility:

  • Discriminatory Smell: Especially for blood
  • Turning into a swarm of bats (A feat still not emulated by any of his spawn)
  • Immunity to Sunlight
  • Complete Mind Control over any vampire within a mile of him
  • Ability to sense any other vampire within 50 miles and communicate with them telepathically
  • Returns from the dead after being killed, although the time it takes him to return can last centuries or millenia
  • Able to drain a regular human of blood in roughly a second
  • Capable of turning into a massive tide of blood
  • Can control blood telekinetically
  • Can concentrate to regenerate his physical shell rapidly
  • Able to see in the infrared spectrum
  • Can manipulate his appearance to appear however he chooses

Dracula, being 12,000 years old, is one of the most skilled martial artists alive, being intimately familiar with several fighting styles spanning human history. Years of practice spent assimilating into human society have honed his mind into one that's very good at grasping politics, social intrigue, and guile. Intimately familiar with history, Dracula frequently passes himself off of a connoisseur of antiques and historical oddities- indeed he is a foremost expert on the topic.

When it comes to Phlebotomy, Dracula is the leading expert alive today. Dracula has knowledge of blood types, a rudimentary understanding of microorganisms, and will likely be responsible for the discovery of infection being microorganisms, not swamp gas.

Dracula is not otherwise particularly well versed in the sciences, and has very little business acumen. He primarily relies on his supernatural talents to ensure his political machinations come to fruition.

Dracula does have a number of weaknesses:

  • Dracula cannot move over running water (River or larger) outside of a coffin
  • Dracula cannot subsist on food other than human blood
  • Dracula cannot enter holy ground without losing the majority of his powers and strength
  • Holy water burns Dracula
  • Dracula is still vulnerable to fire
  • Staking Dracula through the heart is effective
  • Dracula has still not gotten over his love of Mina Harker.

In game Events:

Thus far, Dracula has been going around as 'Duncan Cunningham'. He's met the players already, although only Magnus is aware that Duncan is Dracula. Duncan comes across as affable and cheery, and he's already gotten the players out of a few binds. Magnus is obviously very concerned with what Dracula is trying to accomplish, but he can't raise his concerns without his secret getting out.

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