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January 15, 2013, 12:49 am

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The Kingmakers, Session 15


A perfect example of my players thinking of something being better than my current plan happened tonight.

The Kingmakers

The Cast:

The Heir, Sylvie Blackburn: The illegitimate heir to the throne, Sylvie is finding herself in the middle of intrigue and danger now that she knows that she is at the center of the succession crisis, not Reginald.

The Spy, Valen Aventura: A mystery to his companions, Valen proves slippery and untrustworthy the majority of the time. Can the party trust their talented but immoral friend?

The Drunk Blacksmith, Ruz: Finding himself becoming concerned with the plight of the workers on Frond's estate, will Ruz become a champion of the downtrodden and poor?

The Blind Girl, Adriene: Ruz's adopted daughter. Blinded in an accident in the past, Adriene takes a constant dislike to Ruz's alcoholism.

The Huntress, Bretia Faulkner: With a fear of magic, Bretia is having a very hard time acclimating to the presence of Rowena, the Witch.

The Ranger, Althalos Yerel: Althalos has spent the majority of the last sessions talking to trees while his player deals with school.

The Witch, Rowena Foxglove: At a loss to get to know Valen and befriend Bretia, Rowena is finding herself in the middle of some unfriendly group dynamics.

The Disgraced Captain of the Guard, Albert Nash: Albert's player will never see the twist concerning his character coming.

The Heir Pretender, Reginald: <-Just click his name, it's a link.

The Retired Historian, Morano: The now-reclusive historian has raised Sylvie since her birth, and now hopes to place her on the throne. Captured as of the end of session two.

The Ultimate Archer, Lenny: The perilous triggerman of High Baron Fruit, Lenny is finding himself pulled into the group Morano originally hired.


  • Players met in the morning to discuss their situation. It was more or less decided to try and learn more about Boyd, Obyn's son, who had died.
  • Bretia and Rowena are still at odds.
  • Hoel, a local blacksmith, purchased a cord of wood from Corbin. (PCs did not hear the discussion they had- Hoel asked Corbin to pass a message to Ruz about the secret society that Hoel is in.)
  • Albert approached Hoel asking for information on The Locust. Hoel warned him about the danger involving the Locust and cautioned him about the events in Cranson.
  • Players returned to Obyn for more information and he provided them with a list of names.
    • Neva Durbin-Shopowner
    • Kimber Cisko- Guard
    • Reece Comas- Porter
    • Omig- Vagrant
    • Berwyn Gebroski- Freeman
  • Obyn is questioned fairly closely by Valen
    • He never met or knew if Boyd had contact with Morano
    • Obyn has dealt with both the Duke and Duchess Valewarden
    •  before, although he now seems only able to reach Agrivaine as of late.
    • Obyn's last interaction with his son was the last night his Boyd was alive. Obyn convinced his son to wait until the morning to take his worries to the Duke and Duchess. Boyd was dead by the next morning.
    • Boyd died in Obyn's old shop that is now owned by Neva Durbin.
    • Obyn knows about the financial transactions between the Valewardens and Dalzell.
  • Obyn identifies Zarek as someone implicated in the conspiracy.
  • Sylvie believes that the letter Morano received warning him of the danger to Sylvie came from Boyd
  • The players question Neva. She's only vaguely helpful.
  • Nira informs the players about Kimber. Kimber was one of the few non-corrupt guards in the city. Kimber was found unconscious in the location that became Obyn's store after the death of Boyd. Kimber was stricken insane, and rambles on mostly about pirates.
  • Reece has very little good to say about Obyn. He claims Obyn hired bandits to raid the caravan he hired Reece to drive to indebt the porter to him. Reece has nothing bad to say about Boyd.
  • Albert manages to convince two guards beating Omig to stop. Omig demands that the players pay his price before he tells them what he knows. His friend, Barnabus, is facing execution, and he wants him saved.


Valen and Albert completely spearheaded this session, producing admirable results in a short period of time. The players learned a great deal this session, without any particularly bad screw-ups or mistakes (except trusting Obyn).

As is it, the events surrounding Boyd's death and disappearance are loosely set up like this currently (tentative plan):

Upon learning that his father, Obyn, was connected to the conspiracy to kill the King, Boyd foolishly confronted his father. They argued, causing Boyd to denounce his father and leave. Obyn continued his involvement with the Conspiracy, while his son acted against his interests in the Capital.

Being discovered in the Capital and sending the letter to Morano to warn him that the Conspirators were beginning their movements towards discovering Sylvie, Boyd traveled back to Cranson, where he tried one last time to extricate his father from the organization.

Obyn murdered his son inside his shop. He prepared an extremely virulent poison known for rending the minds of those it didn't kill, inflicting it on Kimber when he lured the guard into his shop as a scapegoat. The initial effects of the poisoned addled Kimber's memories to the point where he vindicated Obyn of all responsibility.

Sadly for Obyn, Omig the Vagrant was trying to spy on Nira in the bath that night from the rooftops, and saw the entire exchange.

My plans for Barnabus are much less serious:

Barnabus is Omig's stuffed rabbit toy. He was left on a wall overlooking the Duke's manor, and was thrown by a patrolling guard into a garbage bin that is due to be dumped into a pit in the forest just North of Cranson in two-days game time. Omig wants Barnabus back, hopefully saving him from 'execution'.

Next session I image will be 2-3 main points:
Rescuing Barnabus
Attempting to heal Kimber
Possibly seeking more information from Obyn
Possible mission from Obyn to get rid of someone he identifies as being a conspirator (but are really just inconvenient to him).
PointsBretia learned that she can hold a grudge

Valen: "Today I learned a lot of shit, like holy fuck"

Ruz: Valen can be a good leader

Sylvie: Today Sylvie learned who might have sent that letter to Morano that started the whole adventure

Albert: I should remember to do things that I keep forgetting to do

No points were given out from player to player because Valen and Albert were the only two PCs to really participate this session.

MVP Goes to Valen and Albert Jointly.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted valadaar
July 9, 2013, 12:20
Nicely convoluted...
Voted Gossamer
July 9, 2013, 13:07
I always enjoy reading about other people's sessions, but I wish there was more info. I'm sad to see how few votes these have gotten... For entertainment as well as educational purposes at least, there should be more of these.

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