This is a cyber-fantasy genre submission(Shadowrun).

In an early attempt to escape the long arm of the law of the United Canadian-American States, a number of megacorporations began to build large, off-shore platforms. Some of them were even successful at the venture, and began to expand them. The Isle of Dragos is one such venture, largely funded by an elder dragon, for purposes quite ineffable.

With fifteen square miles of surface area and seven hundred and fifty stories of underwater construction, the Isle of Dragos is a triumph of engineering. The surface appears to be a lushly planted tropical island, well camoflauged with its nearest neighbors. It goes so far as to sport a semi-public resort, with week long vacations at its five star hotel and casino complex starting at half a million UCAS dollars, and ranging upwards from there. Guests of the resort must assent to temporary disablement of any and all cyberware, and weapons are strictly forbidden - It is, after all, a place to vacation.

To the grand majority of surveillance, the Isle of Dragos is just another resort for the mega-wealthy, despite the over-sized cargo containers frequently loaded and offloaded there.

Originally given over to illegal human experimentation, a pallor of pain and suffering oozes out from the lower reaches of the island, readily able to be sensed by those sensitive to such matters.

Those same lower floors are now currently occupied by roughly four major divisions of the corporation, none of them particularly pleasant. Major project areas include: Bio-Chemical warfare development, Cybermancy and Cyberzombies, Matrix viruses, AI, Awakened Creatures as Weapons, and last, but certainly not least, insect spirits.

As the Isle of Dragos is home to a host of exceptionally dangerous subjects, security here is very tight, however, the majority of it is turned inwards, towards the tortured subjects - It's comparatively easy to monitor everyone that enters the island and attempts to leave it, as the daily boat in is owned by the corporation. Still, to storm the island past the resort would be a major military venture. A well woven scheme will be needed instead.

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