Special Equipment:

Besides other things, as a reward for help may be used many fine furs, older weapons, a few gems, various tools, a good shield (currently used by Grosh) and others.


A small tribe consisting mostly of young and inexperienced orcs, they need help very badly, but cannot beg for it. Will not trust humans too much, initially.


The Grazuul tribe used to be one of the most powerful tribes. It did not take part in the Ork Wars at first, but when the humans pushed back into orcish territory, the tribe joined the warring and was more than succesfull. The human army was defeated, some lands plundered, and as an invasion deeper was impossible, the orcs returned home as winners. The Orc Wars ended with a borderline respected by both sides.

The tribe was always known for its pride and territoriality. Now being great conquerors, many orcs wanted to be chiefs themselves. So the tribe fell apart into numerous factions, all claiming their part of land, occasionally trying to take control of the others. Other tribes did not intervene, for they knew the hidden unity of Grazuul against outsiders.

A few hundred years have passed.

Those that make war are ignorant to other things. No one did heed the fact that the tribe is getting actually much weaker and smaller. Last year the two last factions found that their vast territory is empty and joined their forces. But still there was no luck with the tribe, as the best group of hunters died at the claws of a Cave Bear, and a hard winter followed. The 'tribe' is now a tiny fraction of what it was once. Its neighbours, long ignorant because of Grazuuls percieved power, now finally saw the chance, and proclaimed the first few bits of land as their own. It is now clear there won't be a war: only a short fight. The last advantage, a well-respected shaman is expecetd to die soon. The Grazuul tribe will not exist anymore.

Roleplaying Notes:

The Chief, Fark
A powerful orc, a hunter and a warrior. He could be expected to lead other Orcs into battle. But now, only a few able-bodied orcs remain. His authority is unquestioned, and all would follow him to die. Though he himself has no fear of death, he fears for the tribe. All his instincts whisper: Fight! Yet he knows it to be the wrong option, if honorable.

Grosh the tracker
A smaller orc, can move swift and silent if needed. Many times followed the humans secretly, so can speak their language best. Is very unhappy about the tribe's situation, and it was him who proposed the human solution. He has a trusty shield that he may offer as a part of the reward.

The Shaman
An old and sickly authority figure, his mind is still powerful and clear. Will proudful refuse to meet humans, but may accept one, if he finds him interesting (a ranger maybe). Had a vision about other lands being well suited for the tribe.

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