'Hard is the life of a little goblin. All want to kick him, all want to spit him. I am glad at least someone listens. And I just look for someone to listen to me.'

The orc stops and nervously looks around. Though it is a small inn in a small village, the people around make him nervous, maybe not more than being inside a house. His skin reveals him to live outdoors. Tries to hide even more in his cape and continues:
'My tribe has fallen upon hard times, and it looks like we will not see another winter. We desperately need a hero, but no hero between orcs, not anymore. Will YOU help us, maybe?'

He will try persuade them at all cost, but tries to keep the exact method of help private. Promises reward, as much they can give, and maybe something special. Will lead them into orcish territory, where they can see the small tribe: surely not more than 50 orcs, most of them young. There let them meet the tribes chieftain and are told the tribe's unhappy history. End it with: 'The respect to our shaman is our last defense. But he is old and feels his death coming. We will cry for him. When his spirit departs, our neighbours will come to claim our land. We will fight, and we will loose.'

'But we do not call you to help with fighting. So much honour we still have. Our shaman had a vision, that there is free unclaimed land out there, where we can live. But he is too old to lead us there. Will you?'

(It should be noted that the free land is inside the human territory, so this is much akin to smuggling fugitives through a densely watched border. The heroes will get MANY problems if they accept, so they better think twice.)

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