A List of the Gods of Éran, to be expanded in detail for each god in the codex.
See also The Mythology of Éran for more on the history and origin of the gods.

The Elder Gods:
• Arun - The Sun King, Lord of Fire.
• Miran - the Moon Lady, Queen of the Sea.
• Laulas - Skyfather, The Star Lord.
• Enia - The Earth Mother, Spirit of Life.
The Young Gods - The First Generation:
• Eliril - The Blind Seer, High Justice of Truth. Given the lesser moon as her eye to see the world.
• Baran - The Smith. God of invention, creativity, industry.
• Astias - God of chance, luck, deception, trickery, articulation, diplomacy.
• Hefastos - The Hunter and Storm Lord. Protector and taker.
• Miriel - Goddess of beauty, love, marriage, spring, feminity, birth, fertility and agriculture.
• Serade - Goddess of age, death and resurrection. Lady of the realm of death. Autumn.
The Young Gods - The Second Generation:
• Estaran - The sage, the scribe. God of knowledge and learning.
• Elonis - The Cavalier. God of righteousness, chivalry, justice, honor, order, warfare.
• Harion - The Slayer. God of warfare, pride, revenge, rage.
• Niela - joy, festivity, dance, youth, poetry, song and freedom. summer.
• Beldir - trade, wealth, profit, commerce, industry.
• Yolaie - secrets, lust, loss, seduction, assasination.
• Elenda - peace, solitude, wisdom, stilness, groves, pools, waterfalls
• Shagra - lady of disease, rot, parasites, pain.
• Arvild - winter queen.
Other Gods:
• Alinya - Lady of Mercy. Goddess of compassion, mercy and healing.
• Anzor - God of wizards.
• Tarun - Lord of the undead.
• The Shining Path - The Way of Emancipation.
• Others

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