The living manifestation of the earth, Enia is the great sustainer. When the world was made, she created Theras and made it her home. When life was first made, it was she who gave them spirit to animate and come to life. She created the animals of the world to inhabit the earth.

When she discovered her creation was dying in the wake of giving life to the young gods, she borrowed parts of the essence of the other Elder Gods and bound it into herself with a promise to return it when she did and then sacrificed her own life to give life to Theras, so that it might sustain the life already there. When Theras is no more, she will return to life to begin creation anew.

Enia is, in a very real sense, the living earth, albeit non in a conscious way. It is her essence that sustains all life, nurtures all spirit and makes the very earth itself come alive. Though she as not really worshipped, as she no longer exists as a distinct entity, her spirit is revered and received with thankfulness among all who value life.

It is likewise her spirit that imbues the world with magic and thus she has given her creations a gift beyond the control of the other gods to forge their own destiny.

Enia is revered most fondly by the Phaerie who sprang spontaneously from the earth following her sacrifice and in many ways consider themselves the collective manifestation of her person, dedicated to nurturing the spirit of the land she gave her life for.

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