The Glades is a fairly out of the way Inn in Kaarengard forest. Roughly hewn sandstone from the nearby quarry forms the base of this inn upon which the great timber framed structure is built. The thick oak beams supporting the rafters keeping the large pine roof up are old, but still in good condition. Outside there hangs an aged sign above the door bearing the name of this establishment; 'The Glades'. The windows are old and somwhat grubby, making it difficult to take a peek outside, or inside for that matter.

The current proprietor Lars Ugnaraan is a forty-three year old, ex-Hunter/Trapper and has been running this inn for good 7 years. Friendly, and always willing to let the dice roll should the opportunity arise. This place is well known for its good home-brewed beer and delicious food. For his dwarven visitors who occaisonally come out of their mountain halls, he keeps three large barrels of Veloran´s XXXX 'Dwarf Strength' Spirit Wine.


Built almost three hundred years ago shortly after the last war between the Elves of Narkorrath and the Orcs of Saraul. The Inn has been the property of the Ugnaraan clan since its founding by Bjorak Ugnarann after leaving the Kings Rangers and going into retirement. With a handsome sum of money he decided to settle down somewhere close to where he grew up. It took almost 2 years to finish the Inn, and get it fully furnished and stocked. The brewery took a futher half a year to complete.

Business was slow at first but because of its location it was ideal for the woodsmen, rangers and others who were occupied in the forest. Word began to spread of the new establishment and people came to see for themselves to taste the food and try the beer. Many came to listen to his tales about the war and his time serving amongst the rangers.

Nowadays It is mostly frequented by the woodsmen on the way home from the days work and adventures looking for a place to spend the night and swap tales about their lives and expieriences, conversing way into the morning with one another.


---Home-brewed - Lars´ home brewed beer is well known because one does not have a hangover the next morning.

---Veloran´s XXXX 'Dwarf Strength' Spirit Wine - A rare and special wine made only by the dwarves of the Saraulian Halls. After imbibing a goblet of this powerful wine, ones resolve and endurance is strengthened giving one the will to carry on and pull through, even in the most dire of situations. There is however a limit to how much of this wine one may consume, for every goblet after the second the after-effects strengthen. After-effects (after the second goblet) include: severe vomiting, migrains and an inability to concentrate that can last for up to two days. How long the positive effects of this drink remain noticable is for the individual GM to decide.

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