The Clock of Shadows was created by the skilled horologer Jeresiah in the twelfth century. He was a mysterious character, who dabbled in the occult and was as famous for his uncannily accurate horoscopes as he was for his fantastic clocks. He was alone in the cathedral when he set the Clock of Shadows in motion. Noone has ever seen him since.

Some say he gave his life force to the clock to make it work. Others say he had a pact with the devil which allowed him to make this perfect clock and that at the appointed hour of its inauguration he was to be taken off to hell. Others say the clock devoured him. We will never know.

The Clock was built during the reconstruction of the Cathedral in the aftermath of the earthquake, its purpose to please god and avert his wrath. It succeeded. The only sound to disturb the peace of the Cathedral since has been its incessant tick.

Perhaps the Clock of Shadows inherited some of its sinister gothic charm from its maker. Its austere face is filled with intricate designs, symbols of the planets, sun and moon with hands to show their movements and the passage of the zodiac as well as the usual hours, minutes and seconds. It is surrounded by a mane of golden baroque sculpture, gargoyles and biblical scenes.

In 1602 the clock was to be cleaned for its 500 year anniversary. Its ponderous pendulum was stopped and a workman was left to do the work. When people returned, they could heard the beat of the pendulum. The Clock of Shadows was running exactly to time, but there was no sign of the workman.

Obviously the clock has acquired a degree of mystique and it is veiled in rumour and hearsay. People come daily to see it, but not to read the time, rather to read their own fortunes. It's said that every individual who looks up at the ornate clockface will see some portent. Maybe a man is unsure in love. He will visit the Clock of Shadows and maybe he will see two tiny statues of a bride and groom amongst the myriad that crowd the clockface. Or maybe he will see a weeping face. He will go home and he is decided on his course of action.

Only one thing is certain about the Clock of Shadows. That if one day you consult its face and see a particular figure, you will not see that same figure again, no matter how hard you try.

Magical Properties:

The Clock of Shadows reveals hints about the future. The figures one sees amongst its decoration are portents, and will only be seen by the individual for whom they are intended. Once you look away from a figure you will never be able to find it again.

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