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December 7, 2005, 12:53 am

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City Image - Malarith


Malarith is one of the Wonders of the Manmade world, for its made by Human Hands a long time ago.

Malarith is a city on the tall mountain like, nearly unscalable plateau call Portunethra (Rocky point to the sun in the old tongue). Through erosion or some catastrophe long ago, a huge gouge of rock under the city has “gone away”. It appears that an island was plopped off center upon the top of the mountain, giving it an odd “C” stuck in mud appearance.

There is some legend about the city that says it was transported whole cloth to the top of the mountain, but nobody believes that

The city is built in the style seldom seen. Scholars call it Pre-Imperial, one of the Great Cultures of Yore that the Imperial built their civilization upon (The Imperium having fallen over seven centuries ago). The city is a beautious mix of buildings lined with alabaster white columns, frequently roofed by domes, and archs leading to and from them, with lush green areas (some parks, some spilling forth from gardens on the buildings) and blue fountains in between. These buildings run from one to two stories tall. There are a number of large, fountain and statue filled, plazas, several amphitheaters (one of the larger ones is covered by a huge done supported by pillars), and many public buildings (baths, libraries, and gaming rooms). There are seven tall spires, that seem to flow upward made of the same gleaming white stone. Most of the buildings are trimmed (some of the domes are covered in it) in a gold like material called Olochrium which glimmers in the high mountain sun. 

Travel in the city is done by foot along alabaster paths lined by green planters or by small barge like canal boats that move along without a driver. None can detect the magic behind these magical boats. There are other touches of “magic” that the people of Malarith, who call themselves ‘Talantians, simply take for granted. They are not forthcoming with the secrets of these magics unless one undergoes years of training in one of their colleges under the philosopher-princes.

The City Gates is one of the Great Wonders in a city of Wonders. It is in a large plaza at the very edge of the city. It is a large metal ring, decorated by other metal rings in and about it, about 13.5 cubits (27 feet) across and about one cubit thick at its thickest. The Upper Gate is guarded by two of the Gryphon riding Ordermen (Militia/ Police/ Civil Servants) wielding two lighting staffs. It is a testament to the peaceful and philosophical nature of the ‘Talantians that this is the only “show of force” in the city. By going up the small ramp through the gate, one finds oneself at the counterpart, the lower gate. The Lower Gate is in a small walled in plaza at the foot of Portunethra. Here two Ordermen check your travel chits and log people in and out. They will also arrange from translator crystals if needed. Only when one of the Ordermen is touching a large red globe on a low pillar will going up the ramp and through the Lower Gate will one be transported to the Upper Gate Plaza.

The “road” to the Lower Gate is long and difficult to traverse. In fact, they will admit, the road was made to be long and difficult. There is little to no trade with this city, so only those who truly want to experience the city or learn its philosophical knowledge would bother with it.

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Comments ( 3 )
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December 7, 2005, 0:56
The two suggested links give you additional background information you might want to use when adapting this place to your world.

Caulderon came from the old Imperial System. These people might be a landed city or the fabled 13th city.

The Gate System, well it could be the last operating gate system known.

Just thought I should explain them.
Voted KendraHeart
December 9, 2005, 13:41
Originally confusing, it eventually clicked. Then I read through the links and got a little confused. But it is all good again.

The image for the city is very nice. The explanation on the surviving gate works for me now. And this has some context now, as it is the only surviving Imperial City.
Voted valadaar
November 3, 2016, 15:29
Its funny, when I think of a city so precariously perched, I immediately think of the logistics. I guess magic hand-waves away much of that.

An interesting High magic location.

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