Given the Calderonians (The Griffon riders of the floating city), the Lyran skyskips, and the Dragon Confederation representives, there is a great deal of flying around the region.

The skydock began when the Lyrans had to put down in a storm in the MaCaferi clan's field (which was just outside the city then). Given the less clement weather of the lands, they could not hover above the city. Befriending these exotic people and seeing an eye for profit, the senior MaCaferi began building the SkyDock.

The Skydock is an enclosed tower 8 stories tall. On top of the tower is a strong blue lamp, that reminds many of a lighthouse's lamp. Skyships moor themselves to the dock and passangers can either walk down the internal stair or pay for being ferried down by a sky skiff.

The enterprising MaCaferi clan has put together a small inn, a cafe (selling Lyran food), some warehousing, and a taxi service about the dock. The city has rented a building there, where port inspectors can be stationed. There is now a short wall around the field, keeping people who have no business there out of their (MaCafri) business.

The griffons that the Calderonians ride presented special challanges to the city. Where do you stable a griffon? After a few 'incidents' when they were left on a rooftop, housed in a corral with horses, or left in a barn, something needed to be done. The MaCaferi clan started to build a Covey, the griffon equivalent of a barn. The Covey here has thirty stalls. Each level is 10 stalls wide, with the next level built on top of it and back a bit (kind of like a sports field stand). The Dragon Confederates have taken to staying in the stalls (though they are a tight fits).

The clan is expanding one of the covey stalls, one Confederate is spending more and more time in the city. Goralllllll (one of the Dragon Confederates) is becoming a fixture at the skydock. He likes watching the flying things, the flow of people, and the occasional chats he has with the travellers. He is thinking about moving in some of this stuff here.

The SkyDock has been a fixture in the city for two decades now. In fact, the city has grown up and around the skydock field (what was once a few minute ride is now a simple walk from the gate). Alan, the current head of the clan, is planning on putting up two more docks. He has a deal (on the sly) with the city council to keep his monopoly over sky travel services. The MaCafri are practically a new guild.

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