Hidden away among the various orders and monastic groups are The Black Robes. They are a smaller order of one of the obscure orders that deals with Outsiders/ Demons/ and other things of that ilk. To fight the forces of Darkness, one has to learn about the forces of Darkness and how to control it. The Black Robes are masters in the art of summoning and controlling such dread forces, for the good of the Church. The Church does not deny that they exist, just down plays it to such an extent that few know of its existance.

When certain senior church officials needed to remove certain people, for the Good of the Church, they found the Church lacking in the art of disposal (and rightfully so). They wished they had access to the forces of Evil, like their opposition did. Someone, the record is not clear who, cleared his throat and mentioned the Black Robes, they all smiled.

The certain people were dispatched by the Forces of Evil. Those certain people were discredited, 'the demons turned on their masters' it was said. Things went well. More people who were deemed, 'threats to the church' were removed and discredited. Eventually a Council of Removal was set up. While listed as a prayer group in the rosters of the Church, it was designed to hold the reigns of The Black Robes.

When a certain crowned figure needed help in removing someone, he asked his local high priest for assistance. He said, for a small gift to the church, he would pray in certain circles for him. He did. The target was found worthy by the Council. The Black Robe's pets removed the target.

Soon other nobles (and some new rich) were donating to the church and asking for prayers of assistance. It became quite a boon to the Church, as donations and favors poured in. Though the Council loosened the criteria for removal, many targets were rejected.

The Black Robes and their Parent Order The Occurum Shields of the Faith began to a more visible and active role in church and public affairs. With their new found patronage, they began many programs to strengthen the church, the orders, and remove 'threats to the Church.' Black Robes may now wear their robes openly, as most people do not know what they do.

When the Council gives agreement, a message imp is sent to the nearest Black Robe cell. That night (or as soon as possible) a circle is scribed, candles lit, and the ritual is performed. A living, flying, shadow is eventually unleashed... with orders to destroy the target... usually in a public place.

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