Full Item Description
This large brown cloth sack reeks of garbage and is disgustingly wet and squishy. If you dare look inside you will see hundreds of squirming maggots and foul garbage, the smell will be horrendously overwhelming. All but the strongest stomached individuals will instantly vomit.

Contained in this bag is a part of (usually a leg or arm, occasionally a head) a vile spellcaster known for a having a black heart and to be a nasty enemy among the nastiest of the evil guys. You must let it rot for days in wet garbage and the fecal matter of any magical animal. Over time, the bag will fill with maggots and become this disgusting magical item.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The longer the sack is left alone, the more maggots it will produce, until it is about half full, then some are bound to become flies naturally.

When the sack is held open and the proper command word is spoken, the maggots will birth into flies and swarm the enemies of the bag's user. They will be vicious biting flies that cause huge puss-filled welts. It is possible to contract many diseases from an exposure to this weapon. The flies will also limit visibility until dispersed with fire (or similar) or lots of slapping, running and screaming.

Once the bag is used, it will no longer contain maggots until it has time to refill, the less time between uses the less potent this item will be.

To use this item is to use the powers of an evil mage, it is not to be used lightly. Its evil will take hold of your soul and you may become an incarnation of the very vile caster who's arm rots in your bag. Definitely not for the good guys.

To totally destroy this item, wish would be advisable to good characters, you must empty the contents of the sack into a fire burning certain incenses and materials sacred to the Goddess of Purity (or similar being).

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