This scroll is usually a black piece of parchment paper that most people would assume was burned in a fire. Any trained Assassin has heard tales of these though. It is a powerful item that any Assassin would love to own because of its uses. It has the power to hinder or even kill an opponent with just a thought.

Additional Info:
(in my campain world)
Money -
Coins from least to greatest value.
Copper Piece
Silver Piece
Gold Piece
Platnium Piece

This is to clarify any questions that may come about from the use of a different money system.

Magical Properties:

To use this scroll the victims name must be scribed upon it with the melted metal from a coin the victim has touched. The scroll can not be written on with anything other than melted metal. If the metel used is not from a coin touched by the victim, the effect is used on the scrolls user.

When used correctly:
Writing in Copper - The user can give the victim a headache using a mental command while the scroll is open and the victim is in sight.

Writing in Silver - Can mutter a word to cause leg cramps while the scroll is open and the victim is in sight.

Writing in Gold - Can speak the victims name to cause unconsiousness (scroll must be open). Only works if the victim hears you.

Writing in Platnium - Can cause the victim to die with a thought while they are in touching distance, the scroll is open and the user is hidden from the sight of everyone (absolutely noone can be have sight of the Assassin or the effect backfires).

All of these abilities require above average saves to negate. Once an ability is used the metal used for that command starts to run and drips off the scroll. The scroll can hold up to six names at a time (or the same name in different metals).

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