Are you a concerned parent? Has your son or daughter started behaving erratically? Do you feel silly thinking that they might be taking the vampire fad just a little too far? This pamphet aims to answer some of your concerns, and offers ideas and explanations that can end doubts and give you a direction to follow for the safety of you and your family.


Unfortunately, vampires are a very real menace to our life. This might make some readers feel funny, how can something as make-believe as vampire exist? We do not have an answer for why there are vampires, or where they came from. What we do know is that the vampire is a chameleon, blending in and looking just like another human being. But far from being one of us, they are an undead abomination, a walking talking corpse that feeds on the blood of the living. Do not believe what you see on TV and in the movies. Vampires are NOT highly sexualized beings that easily fall in love with humans. A vampire is an abomination in the eyes of man and God!

The Vampire Craze

With the success of the current round of vampire movies, from the most recent adaptation of Dracula to the Twilight series, it is increasingly common for impressionable teens to adopt the vampire mythos. This includes listening to edgy dark contemporary music, dressing in black, drinking Clamato and wearing plastic fangs. There has long been a 'Vampire Underground' based around midnight 'Raves' or extreme parties of sex, drugs, and ritualistic blood letting. This compares well with the Satanic craze that was rampant throught the seventies and early eighties.

The most insidious aspect of the modern vampire craze is that with such mega-franchises as Twilight, paint the vampire as a misunderstood human being. The vampire is portrayed as a deeply emotional being. This is a complete and total farce, yet another trick being perpetuated by the undead to further dull our awareness of the true danger they present.

Q&A Has my child been seduced by a Vampire?

1. My Son has started listening to a Vampire Metal Band, should I be concerned?

Yes and no. Vampires are old creatures, the average vampire doesnt start maintaining a 'corral' or humans to feed from until they are several decades old. The youngest generation of 'Master Vampires' are around 50 to 60 years old in undeath. This means that the average age of the newest group of vampires is near 70 to 80 collective years. Imagine your parents or grandparents listening to said metal music album and you might have an idea of what a vampire would think of that music. You should be much more concerned if your son or daughter suddenly espouses a new interest in much older or dated music. The older and more dated it is, the more reason you should be concerned. On a related note, Vampire Metal music does have excessive and explicit lyrics that glorify and promote submissive and degenerate behaviour, or promote violence and blood games.

2. My son or daughter is wearing fangs and pretending to bite people...

This is not a sign of vampiric influence, just a warning sign of the vampire counter-culture. Vampires being reclusive predators do not advertise their presence. Fangs are a concern as it demonstrates escapist behaviour and a problem differing reality from fantasy. Fangs, when found, should be discarded and biting should be punished to the maximum extent.

3. My son or daughter wants meat served bloody or raw...

This is also a concern, but not for vampiric influence. Undercooked or raw food carries the danger of food borne pathogens. All meat should be cooked to 165 degrees in the center to ensure no chances of salmonella or E.coli contamination. The eating of undercooked or raw meat is like above, a demonstration of deviance from reality to embrace the fantasy of vampirism and should be discouraged.

4. My son or daughter is lethargic, are they being fed on by a vampire?

This question deserves greater attention. The typical teenager is by default lazy and unmotivated. This coupled with a nocturnal lifestyle and the physical demands of the Vampire craze (undercooked food, perverse sexual practises, and drug use) can sap a youth of their already meager vigor. Signs to be aware off are paleness, lethargy even when presented with desireable things, tremors, and signs of anemia such as low body temperature, cold hands and feet, and blue coloration to the lips and fingernails.

What are the Warning signs?

  • Sudden interest in dated music, dated clothing, or dated expressions
  • Dietary changes including foods rich in iron, iron supplements, and other vitamins
  • Signs of anemia, or lack of blood
  • Obsessive behaviour focused on one person
  • Pre-existing interest in Vampire Craze
  • Adoption of Nocturnal lifestyle, shunning sunlight

What Can I do?

Breaking the influence of a master vampire is difficult but not impossible. The first and most important thing to do is to break contact between the teen in question and their possible undead master. This will be difficult as the teen will be determined to be with their master and will take potentially drastic or life threatening efforts to escape and return to them. Once divorced from their would be predator, the love of Jesus Christ, sunlight, religious counciling, and possible medical treatment can cure them of their vampire addiction.

If your son or daughter has become the target of a legitimate vampire, please do not attempt to take matters into your own hands. The Lamb does not hunt the lion. Vampires are more than able to subdue most humans in a matter of seconds. Powers associated with them include increased strength, speed, and inhuman endurance. They are also reported having the ability to freeze a person with their gaze along, like the serpent. Less reliable accounts include shapeshifting, inhuman charisma, and a long list of increasinly incredulous abilites. Fire, sunlight, and consecrated ground and holy water will repel and wound the undead.

Alert a minister or official of the Temple of the Sun, an investigative team can be sent to determine the nature of the event, and if there is a real vampire present, the team is trained and specially equipped to deal with the undead. Remember, there are only two kinds of vampire hunter, professionals and dead ones.

Temple of the Sun Ministries

Yours in Jesus and the light of the Sun

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