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Stormspike, on the surface, appears much the same as any normal iron spike. It's about a foot long, it's metal, it's round, it's pointed on one end, hammered down on the other. Somehow, though, it hasn't accumulated any rust, despite the beatings it's obviously taken.

When the Henglun mansion got destroyed by a massive lightning strike, Ol' Ben Whassit, the local blacksmith, somehow managed to wheedle himself salvage rights to all the metal bits. Some say, he slipped a bit of Fairy Dust to the inheriting daughter, and prevailed on her that way. In any case, the man got himself a great deal of scrap to use in place of fresh stock in his day to day work. And he set about using it in that day to day work.

One particularly jagged chunk, which he cut himself on that day, he threw into a batch of iron spikes he was making for some particularly crazy local youths that fancied themselves to be Aaadventchuuuuers. Or something like that. Cussing up a storm as he hammered away, he did finish the batch on time, and handed them all over, completely unaware of what he had made, ignorant of the Shard of the Storm he had just lacerated himself with.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Like other iron spikes, the obvious use of Stormspike is to spike or nail something, particularly, storms. Whenever Stormspike is hammered into the ground, the local weather pattern, within tens of miles, will become absolutely immobile with respect to the spike. If it's clear, it'll stay clear. If it's raining, it'll keep raining. If it's a monsoon... it'll stay a monsoon.

Secondly, the Stormspike has come to associate the sound of cussing with the force of being hammered. Any one who repeats any of the smith's choice of colorful vocabulary will effectively hit the spike on a direct line between his or her mouth and the center of the spike, with the force of a full sledgehammer, or more, if the word is shouted. This can be used to drive the spike in any given direction.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Consider this humor.

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