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December 6, 2007, 2:45 pm

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Stolvi the Screever


Inspired by a secret muse, a humble man sketches heroes and battles for the folk of the Market Quarter.

The chalked sketch was a masterpiece of its craft.  Depicting the climax of the great sea battle that shattered the Hegemony’s grip over the Gulf of Fainborne and ensured that the League of Free Cities would keep their liberty at least a decade longer, every detail was clear, every face was perfect.  In the foreground was the famous hero of the battle, Captain Platner, as he leapt aboard the Golden Doom, flagship of the Hegemony.  At his side was ‘Lucky’ Isambard, a face known to every man in the Market Quarter.  This local hero had distinguished himself in the battle, but had fallen in the struggle aboard the enemy ship; the Rostral Cross was awarded him posthumously.  Victory lit the eyes of the sketched warriors as they leapt into the battle’s heart.

As rain began to fall from the steel-grey skies, the sketch ran and faded.  A woman dressed in widow’s weeds turned away from the picture, the light that had briefly touched her eyes fading.  She dropped a tuppence into the artist’s battered tricorn as she sadly trudged down the street.  No one heard her whispered words, "Goodbye, Izey"

On the litter-strewn streets of the run down market quarter, a man can be seen on his hands and knees, a "screever" carefully sketching with colored chalks on the cobbled thoroughfares and sooty brick walls.  The busy artist squints and clenches his brow in concentration as he works, for his eyes have been slowly failing for many years and he can barely see the masterpieces his labor produces.

The tools of his art lie on the ground around him, pieces of brightly dyed chalk, charcoal, a ruler and set of curved pieces of wood, all common implements owned by a humble man.  As they pass, busy merchants and tired workmen often glance down at the vivid images and toss a few pence into the hat beside the busy artist.  Only a rare few stop and truly see the screever’s work for all it is.

Another day, this one full of glorious promise as the sun warms the springtime air.  The artist quickly puts the finishing touches on another sketch.  His carefully depicted colors show a different scene, one drawn from ancient myth:  The centaur Gevellus was receiving a gift from the enemies of his king, a lovely centaur filly to be his wife.  She would one day murder the king and bring doom upon Gevellus as well as herself.

As the artist worked, a tired looking soldier watched the picture taking form.  His hand touched against the fat purse in his greatcoat’s pocket and he considered the price of treason.  Making a decision, he dropped the pouch into the screever’s decrepit hat and turned toward the barracks.  "I wont do it!  I wont take the Hegemon’s coin again!" he quietly muttered as he shouldered his way through the crowd.

Balding, with his long hair tied back to keep it out of his eyes as he works, and a pair of spectacles perched on his narrow nose, Stolvi Screever is not what most would call an impressive man.  His clothes are worn and covered with chalk and grime from his art, his shoes are scuffed and full of holes.  Only in his pale eyes is there something unusual, a light that few men have ever shared. 

Stolvi is quite a solitary man, who has few friends.  He isn’t lonely, however.  No one knows, but he has a beautiful visitor, an angelic figure that comes to him nearly every day.  In the twilight between sleep and wakefulness, his angel, the chooser of the slain, visits him and shares visions of battle and glory, of sacrifice and suffering. 

This divine figure has chosen the screever as her messenger, to inspire heroes and reward the valiant with glory, an honor he relishes.   She gives him visions to guide his hand, visions that mean little to him, but that he vividly translates into chalked pictures of champions and legends.  Most seeing them dismiss them as the product of the artist’s hero-worshipping imagination, but each day, someone passing by sees a picture that touches a memory, that reaches a hardened conscience.

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Comments ( 12 )
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Voted Cheka Man
September 23, 2006, 18:48
Only voted
Voted MoonHunter
September 23, 2006, 20:17
Another word bites the proverbial dust. (I'm halfway through mine).

Nicely done across the board. A lovely description for a character that most PC will just "miss". They won't get it, until they experience it. Perhaps someone will sense the supernatural about the man and the connection will be made. Perhaps a cleric will be directed to intervene on his behalf.

A perfect piece for a story.
September 23, 2006, 21:14
I pictured Stolvi as a tool allowing the gamemaster to drop hints and congratulations hidden within his pictures. After all, his Angel wants to send her messages to heroes...
Voted Strolen
September 24, 2006, 9:01
I love the idea of the pictures being a catalyst for change.

A pauper sees a picture of a monastery and instead of begging at the gate, turns towards the monastery where he bumps into a stranger knocking him on the ground in front of a guardsmen and the strangers cape opens, he is full of blood and is soon tried for killing a visiting duke. Pauper gets large reward and turns his life around.

Dwarven trader sees a picture of a large forest and a shining knight. Reminds him of a shine on a mountainous cliff near the woods a couple weeks back that starts to insistently nag on him. He travels back to that place and discovers that a vein of mithril has been pushed to the surface long ago and was almost perfectly hidden for ages.

Royal guard sees a picture of a hunter approaching a impressive stag in the near darkness and has an odd feeling about the evening looking at it. That night he is thinking about the picture and equates it to his current condition and so varies his routine a bit through unease. He finds an assassin breaking into the castle.

etc etc. fun fun!
Voted Shadoweagle
September 24, 2006, 10:16
Once again, Wulfhere shines above the plebians!
I love how images can provoke thoughts and emotions. Hell, all advertisments use imagery to make us want something or think a certain way about something.
The Screever takes this into a different step - provoking emotions and causing change in the hearts of those who watch.
Anyway. Good sub ;)
Voted Murometz
September 24, 2006, 10:40
Most of of what I wanted to say has been already said. Another great piece Wulf! And I'm thrilled your jumping all over the Ye Olde scroll! I like your take on this one. I was very interested to see which direction one would go with a "Screever". Great take!

My only minor suggestion would be to once again use italics in lieu of bold. It becomes a weird read, when half the sub is bolded. Takes away from the aesthetic feel.

September 24, 2006, 10:59
Updated: Boldness removed.
Voted manfred
September 24, 2006, 13:42
It has been all said already. A nice submission!
Voted CaptainPenguin
September 24, 2006, 14:32
Only voted
Voted Pariah
September 24, 2006, 21:47
Only voted
Voted Scrasamax
September 29, 2006, 13:11
An interesting fellow, seemingly decrepid and melancholy, but inspired by a higher source that few would expect. There is a strong emotional undertone to this piece, and I look forward to putting Stolvi into a game.

The excerpts describing the art on the ground was the part that really did it for me, BTW.
Voted valadaar
December 6, 2007, 9:22
Wow, I completely missed this one before! Nicely done Wulf!

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