The Standard Issue Escape Goat, or S.I.E.G., is a nice addition to any adventurers supply list. Easily deployed, light weight, available in a variety of colors and designs, ( for the fashionable adventurer) the S.I.E.G. helps adventurers of any caliper deal with even the deadliest of creatures!

Group of ravenous goblins got you cornered? .S.I.E.G IT!

Angry Troll chief trying to make YOU the secret ingredient in his Troll Sausage Surprise?? S.I.E.G. IT!!

Blood thirsty Horde of Orcs looking at YOU for sustenance, and possibly as a trophy for their war banner? S.I.E.G. IT!!!!

Insatiable zombies shambling at you with hungry eyes? First, get a cleric, second, S.I.E.G. IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy now and we'll through in this

Standard Issue Escape Goat, Mini , FOR FREE!!!!!!!

( Not responsible for feelings of guilt or self inflicted injury involving S.I.E.G. or S.I.E.G. accessories from miss use of S.I.E.G. units. Please read the S.I.E.G. manual!)

WARNING: Not 100% reliable if stored inappropriately, miss handled before deployment, or deployed against creators of demon or dragon origin.

~A Mad Gnome Product, a subsidiary of Dal-lum Gearstrain Engineering Corp.

In Your Game

This was a Joke that was played upon in an evil game that I once played in where a PC tried to come up with a 'standard Issue' EVERYTHING ( SI: Cat, SI:Bird, SI: Octopus, Etc.) The point was to offer players a Magic token that could summon the creature for one quick use. What that use happened to be was up to the PC that used it.

This also played off a 1st edition Ad&d joke about a wizard having a Disable Trap Spell. The ingredients needed for this spell were 1 standard Fighter or Barbarian, 1 really good Lie, and then the wizard just pointed to the area and the spell was cast. The materials of this spell might be used up in the casting of the spell. ( Joke: the PC who went forward might die)

Examples of Use:

* PC's come across a hall way they think is trapped. No body can find traps so instead of putting themselves at risk, send in the S.I.E.G. to walk the hall way. If a Trap triggers, Goat is gone, and now its safe. ( well maybe)

* PC's Find them selves getting overwhelmed by a fight, deploy A S.I.E.G. to fight one monster, or act as a shield for another. Goat will fight till death, or take damage for one while they heal quick.

*PC's need a quick distraction as a group of ruffians close in at a local tavern. No room to start a bar fight, Deploy a S.I.E.G. to distract the ruffians while you get the upper hand.

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