The God of Sound has no physical appearance but is often depicted as a blue orb in when a visual referance is needed.

First there was Air, or was it Earth? or Water? Certainly not Fire. Anyway... Water beat on Earth and made sound. Soon Air whipped Earth and Earth fell into Water, then Fire burned up the Air. This all made sounds. This is what the god of sound was. Sound. The sounds of the elements battling for domination. Then there was Void. Void is nothing. There was nothing. The God of Sound was lost. He (or She) traveled through Void trying to make sound, but could not. Eventually sound found its way out of Void and the God of Sound now resides wherever he is needed.

The God of Sound is followed by all sounds, a few mortals and even some spirits that can make Him who he is. The mortals who follow Sound talk frequently and often take up an instrument. They learn the powers of Sound. Some, it is told, can even shatter things with their voice. The sounds who follow him are simple sounds like a bird's chirp, or a pin dropped. Lastly, we have the Spirits who follow Sound. These are the spirits of things that make sound. Such as a fire, a falling rock, crashing waves, the blowing wind. Any of these can be considered Spirits of Sound, they serve him as do all sounds and few mortals.

His church is the Church of the Sound Mind and Body, His followers teach others to make use of sound frequently. Some can attune their listening frequencies to hear His voice, and others with his Blessing can shatter simple materials with Him.

Roleplaying Notes
When Sound is present... make the appropriate sound. Sound is everywhere and has no real form. If one has the power to see Him, he is depicted as a blue hedgehog whose feet move blindingly fast.

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