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January 2, 2018, 8:03 am

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Son of Sachiel


One of the Doomseekers early experiments. Wildly destructive, but still considered a failure

*I was a human being once, I still have some of those memories. They aren't mine but I still have them* the Son of Sachiel pondered. The cadre of scientists on the other side of the blast barrier winced and some tried to cover their ears. It was to no avail, the Son wasn't speaking in words, not crude vibration carried through the air, but rather pontificated in the alpha band of brain wave activity. *I remember some of you* it turned to face the barricade, it's vision passing through the base material, seeing the luminous souls of the humans on the other side. *Such a trivial thing, I used to be*

The Son of Sachiel

Formerly one David L. Buckner, a soldier of the House of the Forsaken, one devoted to the order from his childhood, was chose by the Doomerseekers. Their theory of magnagog hybridization was considered sound, from the number of kaijumorph horrors they had created. Buckner, tall and lanky with the air of a southern Law man, was put into a bioreactor and monitored as his spinal cord was injected with a genetic sample from the remains of a teratomorph named Sachiel. Over the course of a month, Buckner underwent a complete biological change.

The Chrysalis Phase was completely unexpected. We expected the test subject to undergo a slow alteration into a new form, no different that an exotic and fast acting genetic reprogramming. We expected him to turn into the kaiju version of a neko girl, pick up a few traits, a few cosmetic changes, and then, off to the lab for study and vivisection. Instead Buckner underwent a complete metamorphosis inside a literal cocoon of tissue that was mostly hair and fingernail. We were not able to interrupt the process without killing it, so we let it go to see what would come out.

According the records obtained from the facility, Buckner's body completely dissolved inside the chrysalis, and reformed itself. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The thing that emerged was much different. The Son of Sachiel was a monster the lab and it's containment protocols were not prepared to handle.

Threat Assessment - Buckner Hybrid Test Subject

Type - Keter (terrestrial)

Size - 2.2 meters tall, approx 275 kg

Appearance - humanoid figure composed of black semi-organic matter resembling carbon fiber or myomer synthetic muscle. Exposed bone/plating around ribcage, face, and pauldron like shoulder guards. Instead of a face, there is a fixed bone like mask, skull like, with an extended jaw with sharp teeth, but no mouth hole. Dreadlock or cable like structures function like hair on the head. Arms are of exceptional length and hands fall at knee level when standing. Legs are digigrade in structure, mimicking the rear legs of goats and other ungulates. The skin has visible selvage, or areas where it looks like it has been sewn or sutured together. When highly active, the selvage lines demonstrate bioluminosity, or are venting Cerenkov radiation.

Strength - exceptional, capable of deadlifting in excess of 1000kg. Buckner proved capable of picking up a power armor trooper and throwing them through a wall.

Agility - moderate, Buckner was able to move in excess of 50 kph, and demonstrated telekinetic flight capability. Top speed and agility unknown.

Endurance - exceptional, able to shrug off all available concussion and kinetic weapons including magnetic rifles. Also remained active for more than 18 hours at a time before moving into a dormant phase.

Perception - exceptional, able to utilize backscatter radiation to see through most conventional materials. Psychosensitive and telepathic, able to sense lifesigns at several hundred feet. Suspected to be completely deaf, and possibly blind in the optical spectrum. Incredibly sensitive to electromagetic radiation and signals.

Intelligence - average

Combat capabilites:

Beam Lance - Buckner hybrid can generate a high energy plasma lance from the palm of each hand, with a range of 20 meters. The lance is able to slag through almost all known armors and non-energy barriers. This power was used sparingly and is assumed to be energy hungry.

Focus Blast - non-projectile non-ballistic energy attack. Buckner could cause plasma explosions up to 200 meters from where it was. These blasts ranged from plasma grenades to full fledged plasma bombs. Exceptional damage potential. Also used sparingly.

High Speed Low Drag - Buckner can move very quickly in close quarters combat, and can often deliver four or five punishing attacks before an opponent can respond. These are mundane attacks, but are delivered with bone crushing force, and Buckner can perform a sundering strike, smashing a weapon in a foe's hands, breaking a helmet, or busting a chest plate to disable a power armor.

Powered Armor - Buckner has a short burst kleinshe field generator, allowing him to survive a massed artillery strike, mecha strike, or coordinated ambush. It isn't known how long he can hold this field, but it is believed to be very power hungry.


Buckner escaped custody at the Forsaken compound in Montana, and was involved in a fifteen hour pursuit. It only ended when a Forsaken carry-all, the Warlord, dropped daisy-cutter bombs on Buckner and inflicted enough damage to force him into a dormant phase. Once knocked out, the Doomseekers picked him up and placed him in a specially engineered triple max detention facility. Buckner was chemically sedated, placed in cryogenic hibernation, and then placed in a 'Doomsday Vault' for the indefinite future.

Anyone who wakes it up is in for a rude and nasty surprise.

Plot Hooks

ESCAPED! - a defector faction in the House of the Forsaken and the Doomseekers have decided to find Buckner and release him, thinking that he is an integral part of an apocalyptic prophecy. To this end they have a Psi-Controller and psionic weaponry they think will control the Son of Sachiel and allow them to guide him to their enemies to hasten the end of times.

Investigation - an Internal Affairs type op happens with a non-Doomseeker inspecting Buckner's holding facility, someone Buckner knows and passionately hates, hence the member coming to smirk at him in triple max detention. Hulk style, the Son of Sachiel activates and tears his way out on the single focus of pulping this one guy. The PCs are bodyguards.

Theft - The PCs are hired to shadowrun the Doomseekers, and to find out if this psionic supermonster stuff is real or tinfoil hat territory. If they discover Buckner their higher ups will demand that the PCs find the Son of Sachiel and free him, and bring him to them, so they can look upon him with their own eyes, and nefarious purposes.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Aramax
January 11, 2018, 19:15
4.5/5 very very nice "Monster of the week" very high marks in utillity with slightly below that art
Voted Shadoweagle
January 16, 2018, 21:02
I like the whole butterfly-like metamorphosis thing, where it turns into goo and reforms yet still apparently retains memories of the former incarnation (I remember reading a thing about how butterflies retain memories of their former state or some such.)

In a game, i'd pit this against some new, untrained characters as an 'escape the unstoppable monster' thing... Have a group uncover this bunker research facility, work their way in and through it (finding nice tidbits of info on what's in cryo in the facility on some computer records if they're clever enough) and then inevitably 'awake the beast' and cue the chase scene. They could utilize things in the facility to help them escape (for example one room may have a Linear Accelerator which they could activate as they go past, releasing a bunch of radiation which could blind this critter for a while by saturating the room with radiation.)
They could also goad him into using his higher energy abilities (Shields, beams) to drain his energy and make him less threatening (Or have a method in the facility of leeching power somehow)

The end goal is to reach the entrance of the bunker and seal it before the creature escapes, of course.


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