The problem with almost all of the world's supersoldier programs, and their other weapon programs is that they lack vision. They aren't willing to see the big picture. They just want to push toy soldiers around on a map when their ultimate goal should be a single warrior so powerful that it renders armies and militaries obsolete, and turn war into a futile gesture of resistance. We know this, and we are close to accomplishing it.

The Dream of Doomsday

The Dream of Doomsday is the end of mortal world governments, and their replacement by the Scions of the House of the Forsaken. The world armies will disband, and world governments would only exist as bureaucratic extensions of the House, and then the dictators and presidents, parliaments, and prime ministers would be errand boys and liaison officers, nothing more. This is an enormous goal, and the forces commanded by the rest of the worlds in the solar system is immense. In comparison, the Order of Ixium is laughable. The House of the Forsaken, despite it's wealth and influence has nothing comparable to even a third world navy.

The might of the House of the Forsaken isn't numbers, because numbers don't matter. The Forsaken have secret knowledge, access to alien technology, artifacts from civilizations long since crumbled.

The Magnagog Manifesto

Through examination of alien substances and stolen magnagog genetic material the House of the Forsaken are fully capable of producing their own magnagogs, complete with parapsychic powers and high energy generation. A number of experiments were carried out and several partial magnagogs were assembled for study. The Magnagog Manifesto is the Doomseeker's bible of teratomorph genetic materials, which they travel across the solar system to collect. Any particular cosmic horror they can document or gain samples of, they do. The more, the better.

The problem with the Magnagog is simple. They are massive. They are big enough that warships and missiles can be fired at them. Their holding facilities likewise are easy targets. A few arcanotech warheads, or an austerhagen device and it's all gone. That's not even taking into account how hard they are to keep under control, keep fed, or clean up after. You cannot imagine how big a pile of shit a 55 foot tall monster can shoot out.

The Ultimate Goal of the Magnagog Manifesto would be the creation of an Erelim, or super magnagog. Such a creature would transcend terrestrial biology, and be able to generate high energy fields within it's own body. With the vast majority of the world's arsenal being conventional, and only a small portion being arcane, such a creature would be nigh unstoppable.

Mechagog Initiatives

The Counter-point to the conventional magnagog is to by a cybernetically enhanced one. This reduces the biological components, makes the creature easier to control, adds ranged weapons, and so forth. These share the same problems of size and maintenance, but add in cybernetic upkeep, and bring in all sorts of investigation. Magnagogs appear from time to time, they dont show up in armor and bristling with guns unless someone else in involved. The Doomseekers don't want to be noticed just yet.

Kinda the entire plot of Neon Genesis Evangelion goes here.

UltraSoldier Initiatives

The magnagog super weapon is expensive, and collateral damage is high, and the rate of failure has been high, and even more expensive. The answer is to circle back to the supersoldier, a single man with the fighting ability of many. Many governments and agencies have pursued this ideal, but have worked to limit the actual power of their soldiers. The last thing an organization wants is a soldier or a group of soldiers to go Rambo on them, where their combat prowess and inside knowledge would make them even more dangerous. The Doomseekers want to create the supersoldier of supersoldiers, a single person who could take on an entire division of soldiers, tanks, mecha and destroy them all.

The UltraSoldier isn't measured by their strength, or combat training, but by their parapsychic ability, and what they can do with it. The Doomseekers aren't concerned about the loyalty of the UltraSoldier because in the great scheme of things, it will be the actual leaders of the House of the Forsaken who will eventually be the benefactors of whatever wizardry the Doomseekers come up with. The very leaders of the Forsaken themselves will become the UltraSoldiers.

Project Dark Seed

The Dark Seed project looks promising, as the initial test subjects have demonstrated massive increases in mental capacity as well as well manifested parapsychic powers, with the most promising individuals showing signs of manipulating atomic forces and gravity before being euthanized. They also show a dramatic increase in size, typically reaching 8 feet and 400 plus pounds. This additional mass apparently being needed to harness and hold the enormous amount of parapsychic power bleeding through their body. Smaller and weaker subjects have been destroyed by their own powers.

Test Subject Omega has demonstrated the ability to generate and control exotic energy, which it can focus into beams that slice easily through almost all available armors. The skin has taken on a stone like color and texture, and they've lost most of the feeling in their extremities. Omega routinely emits arcane radiation, and the activation of it's euthanizer device merely knocked it unconscious. Attempts to kill Omega has caused it to lash out with limbs or energy blasts. It has since been sedated and placed into a hibernation unit, until contingency plans can be enacted.

Project Deathless

The Deathless project is currently more promising than the Dark Seed project, though none of the Deathless subjects have manifested the same level of parapsychic powers. The powers they have manifested are well above average, but remain controllable. They follow the same pattern of enlarged bodies and discoloration of the skin.

The most promising test subject of Deathless has embraced nihilism and has attempted self destruction more than once and it amused by it's seeming invulnerability and apparent immortality. It is otherwise content to sit around and contemplate things and use it's impressive parapsychic powers to float around, mind control workers, and provide itself with entertainment and convenience. Where a typical parapsychic wouldn't consider using their power for mundane tasks, Deathless Subject T4 routinely uses its powers to make and heat cups of tea and float around an entire tea set.

Project Genesis

Project Genesis has focused on harnessing non-destructive parapsychic powers, and into the realm of matter manipulation. As such, progress has been slow. The nature of parapsychic abilities often defies attempts to cultivate or control them, and many manifest in response to the person who has them, and almost never the other way around.

The current leader of Genesis has demonstrated the ability to reshape matter, turning sand back into stone, and then into walls. It can also rip weapons out of the ground, turn vehicles into tools, and otherwise reshape anything it wants. This has made it hard to control, as it can easily turn walls into doors, levitate, and has demonstrated impressive telekinesis and other abilities across the spectrum.

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