The Kleinshe Field is quite an exciting thing. If you are familiar with the Klein bottle, then you have a basic understanding of the Kleinshe, or Klein Field is. Rather than being the bottle that turns in on itself, the field is a two dimensional energy field, equidistant between the singularity of a black hole and the three dimensional world we exist in. The field generated quite simply looks like interlocking geometric shapes, two dimensional of course. There is no actual thickness to the field, which means that it cannot be penetrated. Should something actually 'penetrate' this field it is simply overloading the generator.

Phase 1

The Phase 1 Klein field is the most simple, and also, paradoxically, the strongest. This field manifests as a single geometric shape, with octagons and hexagons being the most common. The power of this field is it's simplicity, and the sheer amount of power it can withstand. A sufficiently robust Phase 1 Generator can withstand even medium Higgs cannons, shedding away the energy in a cascading light show. The incoming energy strikes the field, cycles through it, and then emerges in the form of optical, thermal, and radio energy. This can be detrimental as a Higgs/Klein interaction can create strong electromagnetic pulses, create electromagnetic anomalies, and even a nuclear degeneracy event, IE, the unstable energy shed can create a quasi-nuclear explosion. The field might collapse, but the thing generating the field is likely to be unharmed. The same cannot be said for the attacker, unless they are also protected by Klein fields.

There are two drawbacks to the Phase 1 generator, power consumption and limited defense. A unit that deploys a phase one field is limited in their actions due to the tremendous energy demands of this type of field. Ships with this system are enacting Immovable Object Defenses and are laid out to weather an attack and counter when the enemy has expended themselves. The field goes both ways, so something protected by a field cannot shoot through it. There is no 'modulating the frequency' to bypass this. The second is that the Phase 1 creates a one direction field, projecting a single facing of protection. Anything to it's sides, rear, top, or bottom will not be hindered by the field.

Phase 2

The Phase 2 Klein Field is dramatically weaker than the Phase 1, but unlike the Phase 1, it creates an interlocking barrier of individual fields that are all nested together. This normally manifests as a 'Honeycomb' pattern of hexagons interlocked together. Each individual field is weaker than the Phase 1, but by projecting multiple fields, the generator can protect itself from multiple directions.

Less powerful than the Phase 1 units, the Phase 2 units have much lower power demands, and being modular in nature, individual cells in a defensive matrix can be powered down, allowing for attacks to be launched. Phase 2 field generators will eventually be standard equipment on Atlantic Federation military ships, once the bugs are worked out of the system. These fields are strong enough to absorb the firepower from fighters and mecha as well as stopping all light naval energy weapons and some medium naval energy weapons. Thus far, the only ships that can mount Phase 2 Klein field generators are those equipped with Caryatid systems.


The Kleinsche Field can only hold a finite amount of energy, and the nature of the field is such that this stored power cannot be tapped into for other purposes. There are engineers and designers would would greatly love to figure out how to turn the generator into a hostile energy capacitor and use it to power weapons, or even pump that power into actual batteries, or more field integrity. These attempts generally end with the same delta wave formation, also known as an earth-shattering kaboom. This is the problem of the field, this power eventually has to be dissipated, otherwise it can at best damage the field generators, and at worst, can trigger a delta wave formation, and potential dimension fatigue event when they explode.

The main method of dissipating the power from a Kleinshe field generator is to power down the field, and allow it to bleed off. Depending on the amount of power it has absorbed determines how long it will take to bleed. If the ship or vehicle mounting the field is in space, it can dissipate the gathered energy in an energy jet. This can be done anywhere, actually, but in an atmosphere or on a planet this is functionally a massive plasma vent and cause a fair amount of collateral damage and radioactive contamination. It also very much looks like a large explosion. An Erelim and some other exo-morphic creatures can generate organic kleinshe fields, and if killed, these creatures tend to explode in a spectacular fashion as their fields invert and barf energy back into reality. Very exciting!

Usage: The Kleinshe Field is an emerging technology, and at this point, only a handful of ships mount it. It is still very much in the prototype phase, and the ships that are carrying it aren't main line, but are rather research and development vessels, and expendable mules that are powered up and used for target practice. Eventually, the Atlantic Federation will work out the bugs and iron out that exploding ship problem. After that, they are going to have nigh invulnerable warships, and assault mecha that can throw impenetrable barriers in front of artillery and ground attack barrages.

This, along with things like advances is Higgs/Gravitonic weaponry, more sophisticated Caryatid computer systems, and the steady improvement of the Federation core phenoclade, are going to be the catalysts that move them from the dominant faction on Earth to the dominant and ultimately unifying faction in the Solar System.

If they don't destroy themselves and the rest of Humanity the way the Imbrians did.

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