Full Item Description
The Snow Globe of Predictions is a simple, but finely-crafted object consisting of a pewter base about 10 cm across and topped with a glass dome. Inside, a small village has been carved from the pewter, including several structures and suggestions of surrounding farmlands.

Snow globes like this are found in some of the larger cities, made by artisans and sold as souvenirs. They are filled with water and insoluble white flakes, so one can create "snow" by shaking it.

The Snow Globe of Predictions *looks* like one of these trinkets, but it has no water and no "snow".

Ronnocharas and Rolindor, two brothers five years apart in age, both grew up studying magic. Ronnocharas was always larger in stature and ambition, seeking knowledge of battle spells. Rolindor was much weaker in body and spirit, and leaned towards magics of healing and natural communion.

The two were never competitive, however, with each respecting the other's expertise and realizing that their skills complemented each other. They spent many happy years adventuring, sometimes apart, but mostly as a team.

Eventually, however, Rolindor fell ill due to his weak constitution and knew his life would end soon. Out of love for his brother, he spent his final days crafting various objects that would assist Ronnocharas in his continuing adventures, and take the place of the tasks he used to perform. The Globe is but one of these.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Various magics within the Globe of Predictions create tiny representations of artificial sunshine, rain, hail, and yes, even snow. The "weather" within the Globe reflects what the climate will be in the object's current geographical position 24 hours from now.

The Globe has also been known to predict terrible fires, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. It cannot, of course, predict any *unnatural* phenomena.

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