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May 9, 2008, 11:00 am

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Sicillia the Griffin Tamer


Very few carry the griffin tamer bloodline, and those that do, are given a remarkable gift…

Special Equipment:

She carries a long sword handed down to her from the King of her village, and a dagger strapped to her leg that she snuck out of her fathers tool shed.


Long dark flowing black hair. Her skin is tanned from her labors in the sun. Her eyes are a beautiful noticable green. She is quite beautiful but doesn’t dress like the way a beautiful girl would. She dresses in a very baggy brown farmer’s shirt and very baggy brown shorts tied on with a rope around the waist. The rope helps to reveal her curve slender figure. The shirt doesn’t do much to accent her well developed chest. She wears two large hoop earings given to her by her mother. This is the only other jewelry she wears other then the necklace given to her by her father. She is quite well developed and beautiful for someone who cares very little for her appearance. She has a tomboy attitude which matches her tomboy style.


Born raised mainly by her father, Sicillia grew up with the independent woman attitude and continues to this day to maintain her tomboy appeal. Her mother desperately trying to assume the role of female figure in her life, she tried to attract Sicillia to her passion of tailoring and clothing design, but failed as she developed a passion for her father’s job as a horse tamer. The family made considerable amounts of money and were well respected all around. Her father trained horses in her father’s stables and the mother would design dresses for the queen and princess, and would also help keep the palace elegant and glamorous as the palace decorator. Those ideas rejected by the queen would be on sale in the village.

At a young age, Sicillia would wake in the morning with her father and join him as he did his morning routine around the stable feeding and grooming and breaking in any new horses purchased by the king. One day, when Sicillia was merely 7, she heard a high pitch call that sounded like a large eagle signaling its presence. She looked up and spotted for the first time, a griffin. She watched it soar over kingdom and trail off into the distance. It flew so gracefully and beautifully that she was almost entranced. Not knowing what the creature was she told her father of her sighting and smiled at his beautiful daughter’s face full of joy and excitement. He explained to her how extremely fortunate it was to even spot a griffin in the flight.

At age 14, Sicillia was already grooming at the same level as her father and could break in the most rowdy of horses brought into their stable. She still hadn’t forgotten the magnificent looking creature of her childhood vision and would sometimes doodle the creature in her free time. She still had never left the sanctity of her village heeding the warnings of her father, for if she ever ventured beyond the safety of the castle walls, she would be greeted by many unfriendly beings. Some of which being trolls, golems, and other beasts the inhabited the surrounding forest. While brushing the hair of one the magnificent stallions she heard a familiar sound. It was the call of a griffin, only this time it sounded troubled. She looked around for her father but he was out riding one of the stallions to give it exercise. She placed the horse back in its stable and left towards the road leading out of the kingdom, on her way out she continued to look up and around for any sight of a souring griffin. She would ask if anyone else heard the call but no one else seemed to hear it. Only she heard the troubled call of the griffin and felt herself obligated to help. She followed the road out of town into the forest. As not to trouble her parents she left them a note saying she was visiting the market.

She was surprisingly left alone for the duration of her travel in to the forest when she heard the call once more, only louder this time. She felt as if she was getting close. She soon heard other noises only these sounds sounded like talking. She crept over a peaked through a thick tall bush and saw a huge army of goblins as of dressed for war. She couldn’t quite understand what they were talking about but she could tell that they were heading towards her village. She eyed the army of trolls covering her mouth to suppress her gasp. She then saw two trolls carrying a man tied up and gagged. He looked rather beaten up and it wasn’t till that moment that she recognized him as a village visitor once who came to the kingdom once. She knew not who that man was but she continued to stare at him. The man looked up from and towards the bushes with one eye the other eye bruised. Startled it was as if the man had seen her, she looked left then right to see if anyone else had seen her and screamed when she saw a goblin standing in front of the bush. She jumped back and stared at his horrible looking green face. His helmet covered most of it except for his yellow eyes that glared at her angrily.

She got up and began to run. She heard the goblin call out something and she was shortly after being followed. She continued to run, even though she was running to wrong way back to town. She tripped over an exposed root of tree trunk and collapsed to the ground. She turned to face her chasers and crawled back in a retreat. She continued her retreat and bumped into what felt like a furry leg. She looked behind her and was startled by a the face of a griffin looming over her. The three goblins stopped in their tracks and drew their weapons. The griffin looked down at the girl and stepped in front of her as if guarding her. It roared out threateningly, well as threateningly as an eagle sound cry could be, the goblins began their charge. The griffin stood 6ft long and was taller then 7 feet. Its tail gave it an extra four feet of length and he swung it at the trolls as he turned his body in a twirl and knocked them flying into a thick tree trunk. The goblins resumed their stance and started to back away in a retreat. The griffin leaped up on his hind legs, resembling a lion, and lashed her paws out roaring at the three now retreating goblins. The griffin then turned back at the girl who was standing and giving the griffin a jaw dropped smile and ran over and hugged the beast around its thick neck. She then remembered the army and had to warn her village. Knowing she would never be able to run back to her village she looked at the griffin. Almost as if reading her mind it expanded his wings and crept down close to the floor so she could board him. Not knowing how the griffin understood her thoughts she didn’t ask questions and just boarded to griffin and took flight towards the village. She glared down and saw the goblin troops approaching her home. She landed in the palace stables and was greeted by her now worried sick father and mother. They ran towards the landing spot and saw their daughter disembarking from the griffin. Her father and mother hugged her at the same time and bombarded her with questions of where was she and so on so forth. She hushed her parents and explained the whole thing. Her father then ran into the palace and told the herald of the approaching army. The herald told the king of the news and got his armies ready. On such short notice it was hard for them to plan a strong offense let alone defense.

Her father ran back to where Sicillia was standing with her mother. Her mother was hugging her while the griffin laid behind them admiring the location. Her father walked over and asked her daughter how she managed to tame the griffin. Sicillia looked over at the griffin that was now looking her straight in her eyes. She couldn’t explain it herself. Her mother then butt in and began to explain her daughter’s bloodline. Sicillia’s mother was the daughter of a legendary Griffin tamer named Isiah. He was part of a long family chain of griffin tamers. Unknown to her mother of the origins or why it was their, all she knew was that this family bloodline carried an unexplainable link that could be established with griffins through mental thought. This connection started the legacy of the griffin tamers. Her father tried to explain to Sicillia’s mother of her gift, but she didn’t want the gift. She was instead passioned by design and fashion and cared not for griffin taming. She withdrew the secret from her daughter in hopes of drawing her daughter to share her passion as well. Now that the secret was out, she knew of her true destiny and power of the griffin species. She then left her mother’s arms who was now asking her forgiveness over the fact that she kept this secret from her. She glared at her mother and smiled in forgiveness. She pet the griffin’s beak and then climbed aboard it. She then took to the sky and flew over to where the king’s troops awaited the army.

They were indeed out numbered, but with the aid of the griffin, Sicillia helped the army achieve victory over the battle. Leaving one goblin alive, they brought in a translator and began to ask why they were attacking. The goblin kept quiet. It was after severe torture that they learned they were hired to attack by name of another kingdom. The goblin did not know of his name. Sicillia was knighted and received great gratitude from the king and queen for her aid in the battle. She was given a noble sword once wielded by the king himself when he once fought in a great war long ago. She thanked him for the gift and asked the king if she could find the kingdom responsible for this war. He agreed and told her that it was not his place to say.

He told her she would need the permission of her parent’s first. She begged her parents to let her go. After many pleads her mother was the first to give in. She explained to her stubborn husband that with the aid and power of the griffin she would not fail. The griffin would protect her with its own life. This would go for any griffin she would come into contact with. Her father outnumbered agreed and watch her daughter fly off.

Three years has passed now. Sicillia was now 17. She had flown from kingdom to kingdom asking for the king who ordered the troops. After receiving several responses saying that hadn’t the slightest idea of what she spoke of, she came to the conclusion that someone was either lying, or someone other then a king had ordered the attack. Following her 17th birthday another attack was made on the town. Sicillia was too far away to make it in time to help. The village managed to fend off the army of golems but lost many lives in the process. Feeling heart broken that she was not here to help she made a vow to find who ever it was attacking her town and she would not quit until he felt the talon her griffin at his chest. She disembarked once again fueled with a stronger passion of revenge and courage. She asks around and receives very little information. From what she could muster, she is to understand someone is planning a revolution, a plan to dominate every kingdom. Whoever the foe Sicillia awaits the villain as the new legacy of Griffin Tamer.

Roleplaying Notes:

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Comments ( 13 )
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April 14, 2005, 19:55
I'll admit it I gave this one a four. I actually took my time and developed this character so I hope you all will share my appriciation.
April 15, 2005, 3:49
One does not rate his own posts, Loki. Period.
Cheka Man
April 15, 2005, 9:08
I gave this 1/5 because the author rated it himself.
April 15, 2005, 9:48
Cheka, that is not a great reason to give a one. Despite the bad taste to initially vote for one's own post, it is not a bad character. It is certainly not worthy of a 1. Now you might vote a touch lower than you would of because of the tacky factor, but you should never pan an entry just because of it.

So because of you I have rated it higher than I would of to bring the points more into balance.
Barbarian Horde
April 15, 2005, 10:41
thanks moonhunter and again I'm sorry for rating for my own character I probably shouldn't have rated myself I had no idea it was so shunned upon. I now know never to make that mistake again.
April 15, 2005, 10:47
Yea I was going to log in but my teacher came up behind me so I quickly posted the last comment without signing in and shifted back over to my research on marine ducks. lol :) But yeah, now I know never to rate myself and will not. I'm currently on construction of a new item so get ready to be amazed because this one is amazing and will set the pilot for a new game I'm currently constructing.
April 9, 2013, 20:28
When loki's parents look back at his academic failures and set backs I wonder if they curse the citadel. "Damn you strolen we could have had another ornithologist in the family!"
Cheka Man
April 15, 2005, 12:45
I revoted and gave it a 2 because it shows some promise.I just don't like people voting for themselves, that's all.
April 15, 2005, 13:17
Griffins are truly noble creatures, shrouded in mystery... one RPG I used to play even portrays them as the messengers of the Sun God Praios...
A nice post, I'd say.

To make it more special, try to:
-Enhance the uniqueness of the Griffon Tamer by making her one of a kind, not just one with inherited talent.
-Enhance the nobility and mystery of the griffin, not by merely giving size measurements, but perhaps saying 'Taller than a rearing horse/fur more golden than the rising sun' etc.

a 3 I guess.
Ancient Gamer
April 15, 2005, 16:06
Ooops. I erred in voting. I should have given a 4 (to correct the incorrect math of a certain regular) Instead I ended up with a 2. My bad.

Cheka: a 1 and a 2 gives a total of 3/2= a DOUBLE 1.5 vote.
Now let us imagine that moon gave a 4. The average between you guys should have been

(4 + 1)/2 = 2.5 <---- Correct answer

BUT you voted TWICE, so this is the result:
(4 + 1 + 2)/3 = 2.33 <---- No, no, no. Lowered score!

You lowered the score even more by voting 2!

With my unfortunate vote I lowered the score even more.

Sorry Loki, you did not deserve this
April 15, 2005, 17:56
Eh... Not much to say besides what's been said.
I'll give it a...

Voted Dragon Lord
November 29, 2005, 10:19
Hmm - not bad

A bit overly superheroish for my taste, but that's just me (personal taste I guess)

Having said that, this is actually quite good - not brilliant, or even particularly original, but definitely very usable

Rating?? - hmm about 3 or 4 I'd guess - so I'll give it 3.5
Voted valadaar
January 22, 2014, 21:50
This is fiction masking as a character background.

I like the idea of Griffin affinity being hereditary myself.

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