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March 17, 2006, 1:03 am

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Shadow Shrine


A shadow shrine is an elegant solution to a complicated problem for those that are Godsworn.

Full Item Description
It starts with a two tiered worked brass base approximately 9” (23cms) long, 7” (17cms) wide, and 2” thick (5cms). Most frequently it has a nice beaten pattern in it, but some shrines have intricately etched designs on them. The base has a small knob to open it. This know also serves as a snubbed candle holder.

The base interior will hold one to three thin 5” (12cms) glass disks. Each glass piece is etched with a holy symbol, a mandala, or a wisdom glyph, as appropriate. In addition it will hold a curved piece that is inserted in to the top of the base when in use. This curved piece hold one glass disk in place.

This works best in a darkened room.

A tealight candle (or any other tiny or flat candle) rests upon the knob of the beautifully worked brass base. An appropriate disk glass is inserted in the holder rising up from the base. The mesmerizing flame is projected through, and in the reflective glass magnified. The dancing light creates an enchanting interplay of light and shadow, projecting the image etched in the glass (usually a holy symbol) upon the wall.

It is commonly used for meditation and prayer. Combined with a small ceremony of sanctification, it creates a temporary “holy space” suitable for religious workings.

The inspiration for these tiny portable shrines came from one famous shrine in the south western province. There, candles are lit and shine through sculpted glass to project holy glyphs into the murals behind. Some enterprising cleric took it one step farther and commissioned the first one. He took it on his travels to every temple and shrine he had to visit on his circuit. While he used it for evening devotion in inns along the way, he had to show it off to all the other priests. From this first circuit, the item (or the idea for the item) has spread across the land.

Of course the original brass worker makes more to sell to pilgrims to the shrine, so they can take the feel of the place home. That may have more to do with the spread of the item than the network of clerics.

Now these Shadow Shrines can be found for any number of religions. For some they are just switched out glass disks. For others, the shrine is made of silver or stone or wood, and sometimes shaped differently.

Any cleric who travels in their duty (or thinks they might) will probably have a shadow shrine. Those who are very devote will have one as well, used while travelling or kept as a personal shrine in their rooms.

Magic/Cursed Properties
None intrinsically. The shrine, when used properly, can provide bonus to prayer and meditation skills. It can be used IN magic, as a holy talisman or to create a temporary alter/ shrine.

Note: This idea has moved into the mystic community. They use it as a meditation focus and some even use it for empowered glyphs (as a casting aid).

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Comments ( 18 )
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January 7, 2006, 1:18
This is a "must have" sort of item for clerical characters or those with religious inclinations. It resolves a number of problems faced by "real world" clerics of many denoninations and sects and is much more compact than other solutions combined.
Voted manfred
January 7, 2006, 5:59
I have to say I like it. It does what it is marketed for, and is a great piece of chrome, and a hint. Also an ideal target of theft. (But who would steal from priests, right?)

*thinks of a thread called Generic Clerical Items* :)
January 7, 2006, 10:55
Well priests might start stashing stuff inside their Shadow Shrine: messages, religious tracts, things of importance (tiny relics, power crystals), because they think they are safer there. So it might be the first place a savvy thief will look, but it will be the last place an average thief will look.
January 7, 2006, 10:56
Oh, there is always the priest who has an "evil" glass disk. Was it just part of the set, or is he a secret evil worsphiper?
Voted Cheka Man
January 7, 2006, 13:22
Useful and it adds to your world.
Voted KendraHeart
January 7, 2006, 23:37
Very Handy. Something for everyone's equipment list.
Voted Scrasamax
January 8, 2006, 10:19
It is very practical, and would be a common, mundane item that could lend power to the priests in certain magical situations without any inherent power of it's own. It would also add very nicely to the atmoshpere of a game setting. I imagined a parthenon-esque temple with a shadow shrine for various gods and saints set in the shadows between the pillars. Nice work.
Voted CaptainPenguin
January 8, 2006, 12:03
I love it!
Always looking for unique ideas.

Voted Pariah
January 10, 2006, 18:44
Wow, I didn't vote on this before, I thought I had.

4.5/5 Super Solid
Voted Mourngrymn
January 13, 2006, 11:21
I was kind of iffy when I first began reading this as it seemed to much of a basic concept and idea that it seemed boring.

Then I read it all the way through and I love it. It makes perfect sense, especially for a devote player. I wish I would have thought of this when I played a cleirc a few years back. This is something I wil bring up at our next session to our resident clerics. I love it.
January 13, 2006, 12:41
Just a side note: When we have the images gallery again, it could make a good Challenge to draw this item (ok, many others as well...) along with projected symbol. Would be kinda cool.
Voted Murometz
March 31, 2006, 11:05
A solomontic rug for priests...very nice Moon!!
March 31, 2006, 11:28
They are both tools of the trade (check the free-text), however the Solomontic Rug is more accurately a Shadow Shrine for mages.

Shadow Shrines can be used in magic, with the right symbols on the glass disks.
Voted Ria Hawk
July 4, 2007, 3:39
Wow. This is a nicely described item, and fits a seldom-considered niche well. A nice little item to add depth to the game world, and more than that, probably the first item description that makes me seriously consider ways of building it in real life. I want one, just to have.
Voted Dragon Lord
July 4, 2007, 5:57
This is one of those solid little background items that make the game world more realistic. The sort of thing that not only could exist, but almost certainly would.

A good solid post
4/5 I think
November 9, 2007, 13:35
I just noticed the link back here from Cloister of the Empty Table. I love it when we use "pieces" from Strolen's in our own submissions. It helps build up things, as you get a novel or interesting element, and you don't have to spend your time defining (or creating) it. This is what the site is all about.
December 7, 2007, 14:02
Yeah, BUMP. I like the Shadow Shrine!
Voted valadaar
December 7, 2007, 14:39
Pretty cool. I got a modern day equivilent that (tries) to project christmas and halloween images on the house. Would never have though it could be used this way. Excellent!

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