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October 25, 2006, 10:26 am

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Satrya returns to her homeland, to the elves dismay.

Crawling through the thick underbrush, Satrya followed the elves silently and secretly. Slipping from shadow to shadow, she followed these light loving elves, studying them, stalking them.
Satrya hated them with every ounce of her being, they had slain her mother, taken her home, and defiled the land that was rightfully hers. The elves were her enemy, yet they did not know she had returned to claim what was rightfully hers. As these thoughts passed through her mind, she had already drawn her bow, slowly and patiently aiming, breathing. Slowly, her fingers let loose the arrow that hit its mark with devious accuracy, slaying the elf that she believed to be the leader. Panic, the elves shouted and pointed, drawing weapons and gathering together. Another arrow took an elf off his feet, landing on his back, his last breath escaping as he hit the ground.
To the elves, a cloaked and hooded humanoid creature stepped from the trees nearly thirty yards away, the elves did not hesitate, they rushed her, and cried vengence, the truth of her nature falling upon thier eyes as she removed her hood, the snakes writhed and hissed, and they met her gaze, hardening from the inside, pain was their last thought, and a smile fell upon Satrya’s face as she fled, for more elves no doubt heard the cries of their brethren.

Satrya is a medusa, her reptilian scales black and dark green. She stands just under six feet tall, always cloaked and hooded, waiting to reveal her nature to those that get to close.

Satrya was born 70 years ago, her mother ruled this part of the forest then, from an ancient ruin beneath the surface. The elves came in force, destroying all that stood in their path, no one was spared, although Satrya was able to escape, her small size granted her passage out into the wild. It was in this wild where she would learn her skills, skills that would help her regain what was taken from her. Now, after sixty years she has returned to reclaim what is hers by birthright, her land, her home.

Special Equipment
Bow of Vetrya
This enchanted bow imbues its arrows with malice and hatred toward elf-kind. Any arrow fired from the bow deals massive damage to these hated enemies. Once per day the bow may fire an arrow that will never miss and will bypass armor against its favored foe (humans or elves).
The bow once belonged to Satrya’s mother, Vetrya. Vetrya created the bow, she needed a weapon to defeat the foes who stood on the ground she wanted to claim as her own.
Cloak of the Witchwood
The Cloak of the Woodling was created long ago by a hag. seeking a way to become one with nature and prowl among the trees. The foul magics that power the cloak grant it immense power, power drawn from nature itself. The hooded cloak is mottled brown and looks as if it has the consistency of bark, although it moves as heavy cloth.
The cloak grants the user the ability to move among forested areas, leaving no tracks, making no sound, and blending into the environment much like a chameleon. Once per day the wearer may meld into a tree, becoming one with it, the tree must be of an ample size, large enough for the wielder to fit.
This power comes with a drawback, for once the cloak is worn for more than a day, or it’s powers used, a deadly curse takes affect; The wearer must now draw upon the force of nature to remain alive, every hour the wearer spends outside of a wooded area smaller than 10 acres will become weaker and weaker, if 24 hours passes without reaching a forested are the wearer will die.
Satrya also carries mundane gear; a backpack, a journal detailing elven positions and tactics in the area, a quill pen, self-made ink, a heavy bear fur to keep warm, and her quiver, she always has different amounts of arrows but can make them when the need arises, she never has less than a dozen.

Roleplaying Notes
Satrya has come to reclaim the ancient ruin that an elven tree village now stands above. The ruin is an ancient elven tomb, and is considered holy to the elves. If introduced to a game, Satrya should always be a villain, she is mysterious and usually retreats if anyone gets close to her, waiting to unleash her stone gaze if need be. Satrya can be a menace in the forest and is meant to be a recurring villain, to pester players with over time until they must face her, although, players should realize that she is a medusa from the piles of stone or partial statues, maybe coming across intact statues that have been hidden.

Ruins of Kal’Aretha
Deep in the Darkenwood, lies the tomb of Kal’Aretha, an elven hero that once ruled one of the greatest high elf kingdoms to grace this world. Kal’Aretha began construction of his own tomb when he began to see visions of his death, he became reclusive in the final years of his life, insane, believing that his own people were trying to kill him and divide up what he had built. Driven mad, he summoned many elves of his court to his tomb, to take a tour of what would be his burial place. He entered the tomb with his guests and sealed it from the inside, killing his court in his madness and taking his own life after entering his own sarcophogus. The elves felt cursed and their empire crumbled within, absorbed by the forest after they left.
For the most part, this is just a tale in elvish history told to children, very few believe the story.

The Coming of Vetrya
Kal’Aretha was abandoned by the elves, adventurers and tomb raiders soon followed over the next few decades.
Then came Vetrya, a medusa seeking a place to call her lair, claimed the tomb for her new home. She began to seek allies and after a few years several creatures prowled near or made camps at the entrance to Kal’Aretha. Solidifying her power base, Vetrya began to spread her scents around her lair, attempting to call forth a male medusa. Her call was answered, as male medusa can smell the scent for near three hundred miles. Males lacking the medusa’s typical snake hair are easily mistaken for lizardfolk, but are very rare, infused with a wanderlust, that no creature can match. So he came, and entered the tomb, leaving shortly after, as he had dozens of other times with other medusa, travelling the world to spread his young.
Vetrya laid 3 eggs, all hatched but medusa young are nasty creatures and one strangled her sisters while she slept. This one creature was Vetrya’s pride and joy and watched in wonder as she strangled her sisters and ate them, which is normal with medusa young, although usually young are seperated and raised apart, so they do not kill each other. Vetrya named this one Satrya.

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Comments ( 15 )
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Voted Shadoweagle
October 23, 2006, 4:07
Questions: Why does the cloak hurt her when she leaves the forest? Is she able to remove the cloak? What's the story behind the cloak?

More emphasis on her past would be nice to know. For example, what were the ruins that her mother called home? Perhaps, for a small twist, the ruins were of a previous elven society which her mother had slain, and the elves had in fact taken back the land which was theirs, unbeknownst to Satrya.

A fair minor npc with definite playability, but more information never hurts. I've definitely seen worse first posts before :)

Ah - and I like the name.
October 23, 2006, 4:11
The undying revenge part is a little cliched due to copious over-use. But still an okay submission, neverthless.
October 23, 2006, 13:26
SE hit a couple I was wondering too. Especially the elves attacking everything in their path. At least need some background on that to overcome the stereotype of elves to allow them to do mass destruction. Who else was in their path where the enemy of my enemy is my friend could be played too. Also, why wait 60 years to come back? Was she in the wild this whole time? Local? Is the cloak stuck on her that she can't remove it?

Would like some more on the bow too.

Will hold off on the vote in hopes of some editing.
Voted Maggot
October 23, 2006, 4:13
Only voted
Voted Wulfhere
October 23, 2006, 11:40
I like this one. She does make me want to diverge a bit from the villain that MindForge described, though. A GM that plays up the arrogance of the Elves could add an additional element of moral uncertainty to encounters with Satrya. After all, even villains have reasons for their evil deeds.

In most game worlds, medusae are merely evil, but it would be an interesting twist to make them more tragic and complex. As an example, Satrya could be the descendant of a line of priestesses that were accursed for their failure to follow some precept of their religion. Transformed into hideous and lethal monstrosities, they desperately try to preserve the holy sites of their faith, hoping to be freed from their ancestral curse.

I'm diverging a great deal from the character as described by MindForge, but I like to challenge my players' assumptions about where everyone fits in the grand scheme of things.
Voted valadaar
October 23, 2006, 13:43
I agree with Wulfhere, and with a bit of work, this submission could be really good.

More history and motivations please :) Also, the item origins would be nice.
Voted Scrasamax
October 23, 2006, 14:05
Only voted
October 23, 2006, 16:42
Equipment updated, I will do more day by day, until she is fully fleshed out, answering most of the questions and taking into the account much of what you guys have commented on. Thanks for the comments.
Voted Pariah
October 23, 2006, 23:26
Alright, it's a good solid idea. And most of the questions I have are the same as the others have asked. What are the origins of her hatred, and the cloak.
October 25, 2006, 9:58
what pariah said.
give the history and the cloak a bit more and it would be great.
October 25, 2006, 10:26
Updated: Added "Ruins of Kal'Aretha" and "The Coming of Vetrya", more coming soon.
Voted MoonHunter
October 25, 2006, 16:04
I came to the party late and did not see the previous editions. The existing write up is quite nice. It now hits most of the important points. Not big on style, but good for the content.

There are no "good" guys. There are no "bad" guys. There are just "guys". (Does what character in what movie said that? I love this quote, but can not find the source). The best fiction, and the best games, have villians that are not simply "evil", and protagonists that are not simply "good". People do what they think is right to their way of thinking and experience.

Actually you don't have to make her a villian, per say. She is (technically) the rightful ruler of the area, displaced by an advancing horde.

I am sure the Elves were simply clearing out what they thought was EVIL in these lands. The destruction of everything (her mother's neighbors, friends, and possible vassels) that she heard about, would of been the destruction of all Evil creatures (by Elven views).

Given the right presentation, you can get the PCs on either side of this issue.

My one quibble is "Where did she go for 70 years?" Just hanging around the forest and dodging Elven patrols? Is she a terrible monster far away, returning home now? Some fleshing out there would be nice.
Voted Cheka Man
October 27, 2006, 11:09
Only voted
Voted Silveressa
February 13, 2011, 0:28

An interesting npc, and sure to add intrigue to any forest based adventure.

Voted Michael Jotne Slayer
February 13, 2011, 9:18

A standard NPC, good presentation and formatting but a little too generic. Still, a solid post worthy of a solid middle vote.

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