Full Item Description
it's current form the Rune of Admini appears as a small object that will fit into a USB port. It is dark grey, cylindrical and has a small red cross-type marking on it (possibly a "plus sign")

The legendary Rune of Admini has seen use since the beginning ages of mankind. It is a rumor among the cyber elite that we get the word "Administrator" from it's ancient existence.

Long ago, it was just a stone. When it was first created the Elders would hide it among the common folk. If it was found, the one who found it would have the power to make decisions as an Elder for one hour. Then it would be taken away for one hundred days. To be hidden again after that time expired.

The names of the ones who created the Rune and what magic was used on it, if any, is lost to the ages. All that is known today is that it has survived, and in it's current form can grant the powers of a forum Admin for one hour every one hundred days.

Magic Properties
"Magic? Well, I don't know about that. More like hacks, and some strange ones at that." - Gordon "CrackerJack" Hammonds

The Rune of Admini, once inserted into your USB slot, will prompt you to enter a forum address. One the address is entered and you click "OK" you will have complete power over the forums for one hour. You will have all of the Admin access and even some powers even they do not possess The actual extent of the effects is up to the GM, but it should be very extensive).

This "Admin effect" will last for exactly 60 minutes, then the Rune of Admini will cease to function for exactly 100 days. In this time it is possibly that it be lost, or pass into other hands, seemingly at the whim of fate.

This item can be used a few different ways, and can be given other powers or powers over other types of applications other than forums. More ideas are welcome in the comments.

Special thanks go out to Ancient Gamer for the term "Rune of Admini" which inspired this whole thing.

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