Regal is a tall, broad chested ,strong fighter and metalsmithe. Cool headed and quick on his feet he can stir up fear in even the most mighty of opponants. Leon is much shorter and leaner. His exceptional balance, fast hands, and accurate throws, fast tonque, and brilliant mind make him just as dangerous, if not more so then Regal.

Regal and Leon were once part of a group of four mercenaries that sold their skills to the highest bidder. They were excellent at what they did and made some good money at it. There were four of them but two were lost in a horrible battle. They were set up by their employer but two of them escaped. They got even, but they lost two of their closest friends, their spirit was broken and they got out of the mercenary business.

They used their money to set up shop in a large, centrally located town. Deciding to each have their own business would be a better benefit them, they each chose a new profession. Regal, his love for the sword and talent with the anvil, made a weaponsmithe an obvious choice for him. With time he would be come a very good smithe. Leon didn't have any such physical talents outside the mercenary business but he was always the front man, the man who made all the deals because he had a slick tongue. Opening a Tavern seemed perfectly natural to him.

They started out as normal businessmen but soon enough Leon used his wits and slowly brought himself to the attention of other close-mouthed mercenaries. A small alliance was formed out of the Tavern and slowly it was quietly acknowledged as a place to make deals. Regal slowly got better at his craft and he soon found a underground connection to support him with a rare metal that was magic resistant in all ways. It doesn't protect the user, but no spells would work on it, therefore it was untraceable. This underground connection grew to a small smuggling operation using the Smithy and the Tavern as holding points for the smuggled goods. Regal and Leon slowly got back into the game. Soon they were taking small jobs on their own again and perhaps were wanting to get back into the game again, redefining their expertise to underground hits available to the highest bidders.

Roleplaying Notes:
-Decide to use their expertise as hired killers and push it up a notch and trying their hands at paid assassinations. They are professionals and have ready access to the magic resistant metal.
-The smuggling operations give them access to some of the most high in the underworld. Their previous connections and perfect multiple fronts give them access to people and goods of their previous stomping grounds. Their knowledge and association with others give them some good knowlege of events in the past, possible some blackmailable depending on their past reasons for employment. Could come in handy.
-Smuggling also gives them access to many goods and services normally not meant for common citizens or common adventurers.
-Weaponsmith and the magic resistance metal makes it a hot item for assassins. Having that available to them through underground channels makes it a very pricey, but coveted item for those that can afford it.

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