This is shamelessly borrowed from 'Realms of the Haunting' which was an *awesome* game in its time! Put my own twists into it but for the most part it is identical to what was encountered in the computer game.


Dead end in the dungeon with a hole above them. Have wood in one room they have already passed and have hammer and nails amid tons of other tools in another unrelated room. Make everything they try to do to get up there fail. Too slippery, grappling hook won't catch, tower they make keeps overbalancing when trying to get into the room (shock of seeing it or something), or let them be more creative. Fun to see if anybody figures out to make a darn ladder.

Once they are in the room:

Enter a circular room with 7 doors not including hole they entered going around the wall with a empty space that looks as if a door should be there but isn't. The flooring is a confusing array of different colored wood put in irregular angles making a mind numbing pattern. My make them save periodically or stand mesmorized.

Near the center of the room is a small pedestal with a Pan Pipe resting on it. Under it is a note of music paper.

a) Musical Door——Has a Harp carved on it.
Go to the door and use the Pan Pipes and play the music on the paper to get in. Somebody needs to have a music skill. :-) Room full of musical notes and paper. Can find any music to any tune if they want to search. On the desk is a pair of spectacles and what appears to be flask of oil next to a pen. Might look like a flask of ink and be ignored?

Get the Spectacles and the Flask of Oil. Go to:

e) Library Door——Has a carved open book on it.
Door will not budge. Close inspection will show that the hinges are totally rusted (PERCEPTION). The oil from the Music room will immediately get rid of the rust allowing the door to easily open. Room is a huge library. The spectacles will allow to see invisible. Invisible wards on many of the floor stones going throughout the room. The wards are all along the walls of the room not allowing you to get close to the shelves of books without stepping on them.

On the desk at the end of the room is a parchment that is magical. Has magical writing and is obviously something important, or partially hidden depending on how good your players are at finding something useful. Spirit Parchment. Has commune with dead spell on it.

Retrace your steps to:

b) Skeleton Door——Door carved with a skull on it.
Wake up the Skeleton face with the commune with dead spell. Simply ask it to open the door. In the center of the room is a large tower of bones precariously balanced. On the top is a small tray with a small warm red flask on it. Touching the bones with more force than a light kick will collapse the stack. It takes a very tall person with a long reach on tip toes to get to it. Might allow them to get the flask at the same time as collapsing them; take some heavy damage from all the shrapnel. Could be as easy or hard as you want it but they should be able to get the flask and get some damage to show the level of danger that could be involved.

Carefully get the Warm Flask and go to:

d) Ice Room——Door carved with mountain scene with a perfectly flat lake.
Door opens at any time. Floor is covered with a thin sheet of ice and room is cold (see your breath) Other side of room is a mound of ice with something in it. If they notice ceiling, full of large pointy icicles. Walking on the ice initially you see cracks form but is utterly silent. The amulet being in the ice silenced all the ice around it. See it is a blue amulet on a gold chain. If they force it out without using the warm flask, once it is free of the ice the sound of the cracking ice is deafening. The sound waves cause the icicles to start falling causing good damage each time noise is made to make them fall. Again, might be fun to make them use all the flask on the floor and have them have to beat the amulet out anyway and releasing it then making some noise causing the falling ice.

Use the Warm Flask on the floor to melt all the ice within moments, cross and get the Armulet of Silence
then to:

c) Siren Room—-Half naked woman carved on door.
Door opens at any time. See windows on either side all along to the other room where there is a small figure floating. Walking in the room there would be mass screaming that causes major damage plus save vs. Insanity to stay on feet. Fail, fall to ground holding hands to ears and gaining more damage until a save is made or they are rescued. After a couple of moments the windows burst inwards causing glass damage on anybody in there. Could even do the glass damage anyway if they where the amulet of silence to give them a little scare.

Wear the Amulet of Silence, go in and grab on the floating Siren which is an illusion to get the Silver Key, go to:

f) The Chapel——Silver Symbol carved on the door.
Use the Silver Key to open the door. Large worship area with stained glass around the room on the windows depicting worshippers praying. There is a seven pointed star in the center of the floor with each point a different color and a PERCEPTION will notice that the small jewels are missing from each of the tips. The window on the left of the altar has 6 gems on it. Violet, green, orange, blue, black, and yellow. The missing red gem is on the other windowsill on the other side of the altar. Look down at the 7 pointed star and place the correct gem on the corresponding point in the correct order of the rainbow. The Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and ones are easy. The black one must be place last. Once put in place a rainbow colored gem appears hovering in the air in a light and only one of that faith can reach through the light to grab it. Basically there needs to be a good priest in the bunch. Once taken out the gem constantly shines out rainbow colors lighting the room in brilliance. It only takes a small light to cause the effect. Take the Rainbow out into the room again:

g) Door with three wavy lines on it——
This is sort of a freebie I added because I needed to get them more weapons. Opening it up shows a river with a small bridge right at the door going to a hilly grassy area. PERCEPTION see the weapon of choice on the small hill. I put the favored weapon on the hill of whoever is looking through the door. They may argue about what they see on the hill and may think it is an illusion when each sees something different. If they go they find a hill with the impression of their weapon in it. If they place their weapon in it the hill sucks it up and spits it back out with a +. They can do it however many times they are cocky enough to do it. For each time they put it in there the weapon strength is reduced like 5 or 10%. So basically they can get away with it a couple times but if they get greedy it will be destroyed the first time they use it.

BLANK WALL—- On the blank wall appears a door when the light from the Rainbow gem goes onto it. The door has a bow and arrow on it. When the door opens the bow turns into a real bow. A strength bow '3 to strike. And an arrow is provided from the door for as long as they need them. Only one can be removed at a time and the door only replaces it once the one removed is shot.
Room has no floor and no door on the other side. There is NO way for them to cross the bottomless room, and nowhere to go even if they do get over there. The only thing is a small black square on the other side the size of a child's fist.
Arrow must hit perfectly and it then drops a floor and causes a door to appear. The provided arrow must be shot from the provided bow for it to work. Missing it causes the arrow to immediately return to the shooter causing damage. I had only a natural 19 or 20 allowing them to dodge the arrow otherwise they ate damage. Could have them have to hit the target however many times you want it to. The arrows could be funky too if you have an excellent archer in your group. Make the negatives big enough to make it a challenge.

Once they get through that they are wherever you want them to be.

Just a fun room to challenge the players mentally as well as frustrate their skills a little bit.

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