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August 30, 2014, 1:50 am

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Over the course of my time as an operative I have developed relationships with several individuals in an effort to diversify the skills available to me. Some in my profession call them assets, I prefer to think of them as associates.

Table of Contents

    Shandril (No Surname)

    @flyingkiwi119 | Mute Autonomist Pilot

    Shared Associates : Xavier DeLaney

    Languages : Exotic Sign, English

    Muse : None

    Summary: Shandril is a psychologically stable, if isolated individual. She keep s a very tight social circle primarily consisting of other pilots and those she frequently ferries such as Xavier. Her calm demeanor and relaxed attitude pervade her being though this is most evident when she is in flight.

    Strengths :

    • Strong Piloting (Aircraft, Spacecraft, Groundcraft)
    • Strong Hardware (Aircraft, Spacecraft, Groundcraft)

    Weaknesses :

    • Stubborn
    • Languid

    Motivations :

    • Passion for piloting
    • Freedom via anonymity

    Secrets :

    • Based upon her preference for silence which often disguises her linguistic peculiarities in addition to her unusual aptitude for piloting Shandril is most likely an avian uplift.
    • There are possible indications that she was one of a series of nameless mute drivers used in a hypercorp vehicle show, though as of yet there is no proof. If this is the case she is in breach of contract, and most likely the rogue version which escaped during the Fall.

    Recent Favors Exchanged :

    • - Transport from Titan to Luna
    • + Prevented craft from being impounded
    • - Transport from Ceres to Luna
    • + Discouraged customs officials
    • + Obtained replacement parts for craft

    Other Notes :

    Xavier DeLaney

    @33ghostcameras | Irish Freelance Spy

    Shared Associates : Shandril (No Surname)

    Languages : Exotic Sign, English

    Muse : Theun - snarky and goading with Xavier, studied in Academics (Nanotechnology) and Interest (Martian Beers)

    Summary: Xavier is a somewhat boisterous extrovert with a broad and shallow social network. He appears to be dealing with some fundamental insecurity which is expressed as a desire to control others through abusing undesirable information. His resulting feelings of power and superiority can lead to overconfidence and damaging of existing relationships.

    Strengths :

    • Strong Infiltration
    • Strong Research
    • Strong Investigation
    • Moderate Demolitions


    • Abusive
    • Arrogant

    Motivations :

    • Quelling insecurity via controlling others
    • Recognition by peers

    Secrets :

    • Xavier once requested assistance with resleeving a woman with memory modifications and regenerating a battered morph. Details have led me to believe the woman is his one of his ex-wives whom he murdered.
    • Digging into his pre-Fall history has uncovered links with a man in the Irish Republican Army by the name of Sean DeLaney who is wanted for questioning in the bombing if several british embassies.

    Recent Favors Exchanged :

    • - Procured Covert Operations Tool
    • + Informed on movements of several Hypercorp CEOs
    • - Broke in to hypercorp office, retrieved personnel files
    • + Procured Chameleon Cloak
    • + Arranged for a prostitute

    Other Notes :

    • Estimated net worth: 43,291 credits
    • Criminal record, updated 9 days ago: Database Copy
    • Handwriting sample: Database Copy
    • First childhood friend: Kae Joel Pierson
    • More

    Hector Sanders

    @M0dension | American Direct Action Lieutenant

    Shared Associates : Luscinda Dabor, Dimitri Liles

    Languages : English

    Muse : Samantha - matronly and tender with Hector, studied in Interest (Action Films) and Hardware (Kinetic Weapons)

    Summary: Hector’s cognitive inclinations and thoughtful nature has led to a swift ascension through the Direct Action ranks and a great deal of harassment from his baser peers. He attempts take it all in stride as brotherly affection though I am certain more one truly means him ill. They frequently prey on his youth and feelings of isolation which his media consumption has mixed with romantic ideology.

    Strengths :

    • Strong Kinetic Weapons
    • Strong Profession (Tactical Assault)
    • Strong Medicine (Field)
    • Moderate Unarmed Combat

    Weaknesses :

    • Idealist
    • Fools-love

    Motivations :

    • Loyalty to friends
    • Romantic attachment

    Secrets :

    • While the case was dismissed, rumors remain from allegations of statutory rape. I exposed the colleague responsible for drugging and arranging the liaison and then connecting him to Triad efforts to influence Direct Action.
    • Despite being raised by AGIs one of Hector’s true birth parents did not, in fact, die in the Fall. He is the illegitimate offspring of a still-living hypercorp executive and her now-deceased assistant.

    Recent Favors Exchanged :

    • - Tactical raid on rival triad operations
    • + Procured illegal weapon modifications
    • + Provided extraction route for ops team
    • - Shared data on hypercorp executive movements
    • + Attended Direct Action Honors ceremony

    Other Notes :

    • Last egocast: From (unknown) to Titan at 8.59.17 IST
    • Direct action skills assessment, updated 322 days ago: Database Copy
    • More

    Luscinda Dabor

    @modelmuses | Sudanese Royalty and Experia Rumormonger

    Shared Associates : Hector Sanders, Dimitri Liles

    Languages : English, Arabic

    Muse : Melech - upbeat and encouraging with Luscinda, studied in Interest (Pre-fall Sports) and (Celebrity Gossip)

    Summary: As a consummate socialite Luscinda defends herself and her reputation with mock pretentiousness and a cloud of idle chatter regarding others. She is expert at weaponizing rumors but her technique often results in unintentional spreading of information. She refers to this habit as her “game face” as she is much more straightforward in manner with her close confidants.

    Strengths :

    • Strong Networking (Hypercorps, Media)
    • Strong Protocol
    • Strong Unarmed Combat
    • Moderate Profession (Journalism)

    Weaknesses :

    • Impatient
    • Loudmouthed

    Motivations :

    • Personal amusement
    • Upholding family legacy

    Secrets :

    • Underworld forces altered the Consortium Champion Mixed Martial Arts tournament by forcing an early opponent to throw the match. While the incident was unrelated to Luscinda it would cause a scandal as he was an odds-on favorite.
    • Luscinda was placed in an arranged marriage as a child, which was honored just before the Fall. Not keen on the arrangement she ensured the destruction of the few pieces of digital evidence, though her husband may yet be reinstantiated.

    Recent Favors Exchanged :

    • - Entry into Hypercorp executive party
    • + Procured custom densiplast gloves
    • + Informed of murder plot by Sudanese rebels
    • - Obtained detailed personal contact information for Hypercorp executive
    • - Informed of glitterati movements

    Other Notes :

    Dimitri Liles

    @DimitriLilesTTO | Barsoomian TTO Official and Ecologist

    Shared Associates : Hector Sanders, Luscinda Dabor

    Languages : English, Spanish

    Muse : Luann - calm and logical with Dimitri, studied in Academics (Political Science) and Profession (Speechwriter)

    Summary: Dimitri uses his triple majors in ecology, psychology and sociology to manipulate his electorate and stay in power at the Tharasis Terraforming Office though he no longer pursues the Barsoomian agenda which put him there. He maintains his contacts in the movement, but it is mostly lip service as his bureaucratic authority and scientific credibility are all derived from the Consortium. His efforts to provide for himself and his family have disproven one of his thesis; it is power that wields men.

    Strengths :

    • Strong Academics (Biology, Ecology, Geology)
    • Moderate Academics (Sociology, Psychology)
    • Moderate Networking (Hypercorps, Barsoomians, Ecologists, Scientists)

    Weaknesses :

    • Social alcoholic
    • Hypocracy

    Motivations :

    • Familial financial security
    • Barsoomian ideals

    Secrets :

    • Possibly due to his blue-collar roots Dimitri a biochauvinist, but he only acts on it in the mask of policy.
    • Dimitri and his wife Seona have split ideologically, but he remains faithful and married for his career, the children, and in the hope she will eventually leave the movement.

    Recent Favors Exchanged :

    • + Op-Ed Piece front-page in latest publication
    • - Introduced to rebel weapons dealer
    • - Temporary access to TTO servers
    • + Concealed Seona’s movements
    • - Provided lodging while in hiding

    Other Notes :

    Alara Alkaev

    @fuzzyfuzzyclickclack | Nine Lives Psychosurgen and former KGB Spy/Assassin

    Shared Associates : Peter Wu

    Languages : English, Russian

    Muse : Poodle - conniving and undermining with Alara, studied in Academics (Philosophy) and Profession (Therapist)

    Summary: I cannot discern which of Alara’s psychoses developed from her incessant forking in pursuit of self-improvement and those that constitute the mental break which forced her demotion from KGB assassin to experiment. Her intuitive mastery of psychosurgery demonstrates a great deal of lucidity but she is nearly impossible for the casual associate to deal with.

    Strengths :

    • Strong Psychosurgery
    • Moderate Academics (Psychology)
    • Moderate Medicine (Psychiatry)
    • Moderate Kinetic Weapons (Sniper Rifles)

    Weaknesses :

    • Mental disorders: Panic Attack (Spiders), Hallucination (Spiders), OCD

    Motivations :

    • Advancing psychosurgery
    • Maintaining distance from reality

    Secrets :

    • Alara has an alpha fork crafted by the Jovians from a KGB backup of her ego who is still a spy and assassin. I have made initial contact to confirm but have not pursued the matter.
    • Locked somewhere within her memories are secret KGB psychosurgery documents and experiments. It is unclear whether she cannot or will not access them.

    Recent Favors Exchanged :

    • + Found fork 93S8Z
    • + Provided eight cortical stacks for research
    • - Obtained information from cortical stack
    • - Procured new morph after serious injury
    • - Shipped custom densiplast gloves through Peter

    Other Notes :

    • List of stored egos, updated 3 hours ago: View Database Copy
    • Current fork number: 93S9ZA
    • Brainscan, updated 28 days ago: Database Copy
    • Last egocast: From Europa to Legba at 1.00.74 IST
    • More

    Peter Wu

    @team_jacob_69 | 14K (Triad) Fixer

    Shared Associates : Alara Alkaev

    Languages : Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese

    Muse : Bacchus - strict and demanding with Peter, studied in Academics (Economics) and (Pre-fall Media)

    Summary: Peter is effectively relieving the experimental teenage years denied by the Triad’s social isolation; he flaunts homosexual stereotypes and voraciously consumes Western pre-fall media much to the chagrin of his superiors. Our mutual protection arrangement may have led to a degree of overconfidence but he seems to have such an enduring pre-fall reputation for brutality it offers him a degree of immunity though it seems to no longer apply. He is well-liked by his inferiors as he pays well and does not immediately resort to violence when they roll their eyes at his flouncing.

    Strengths :

    • Strong Networking (Criminals)
    • Strong Profession (Smuggler)
    • Moderate Profession (Kidnap and Ransom, Fraud)
    • Moderate Interest (Pre-fall Western Media)

    Weaknesses :

    • Theatrical
    • Bulimia

    Motivations :

    • Self-expression
    • Sense of family

    Secrets :

    • Writes trashy criminal romance stories and exaggerations of real events under the nom de plume Cecil Mitchell.
    • For some reason Peter is deathly afraid of neotenics, particularly if they are asian in design. I believe they may unsettle him due to children he has lost, killed, or both.

    Recent Favors Exchanged :

    • + Cracked nanotat ID
    • - Smuggled custom densiplast gloves
    • + Moderated gambling tournament
    • - Provided 50 bank account numbers
    • + Negotiated ransom for hypercorp child

    Other Notes :

    • Anonymous deposit account: 923616192445
    • Criminal record, updated 3 days ago: Database Copy
    • More

    Nathalie Lebeau

    @myfeministdinosaur | French Dominatrix and Ultimate Gatecrasher

    Shared Associates : Marcus Hochberg

    Languages : French, German, Turkish, Polish

    Muse : Violetta - cajoling but firm with Nathalie, studied in Academics (Xenoarcheology) and (Xenolinguistics)

    Summary: Being sold into sexual slavery by her older boyfriend left Nathalie with intense misandry. While she can mask it under her side profession as a high-end dominatrix it has crippled her advancement as an Ultimate and limited her opportunities as a gatecrasher. In an effort to compensate for her small social circle she forms intense relationships but can sometimes figuratively smother them.

    Strengths :

    • Strong Profession (Dominatrix)
    • Moderate Profession (Gatecrasher)
    • Moderate Kinetic Weapons
    • Moderate Beam Weapons

    Weaknesses :

    • Misandry
    • Martyrdom

    Motivations :

    • Self Improvement
    • Validation as strong and independant

    Secrets :

    • Is struggling with celibacy as a solution for reconciling her heterosexuality with her misandry and psychosexual damage.
    • Nathalie relies heavily on skillsofts to make herself appear more broadly competent than she is.

    Recent Favors Exchanged :

    • + Training session with Marcus
    • - Crafted custom densiplast gloves
    • + Repaired relations with superior
    • - Obtained information on Ultimate headquarters
    • - Collected loan, interest, and kneecaps from Zeus

    Other Notes :

    • Anonymous deposit account: 8923478954822
    • Date of birth: 03/18/99
    • Mother’s maiden name: DuChamp
    • Name of first pet: Piddles
    • More

    Marcus Hochberg

    @Palex_pr2 | Autonomist Bartender and Rep-Broker

    Shared Associates : Nathalie Lebeau

    Languages : Dutch, English

    Muse : Toby - berating and irritable with Marcus, studied in Academics (Probability) and Art (Painting)

    Summary : Marcus is an affable and emotionally intuitive person who easily cultivates friendships through his carefree lifestyle but often loses the attention of more sophisticated individuals when they realize he has no intention of releasing this crutch.

    Strengths :

    • Strong Networking (Anarchists)
    • Strong Kinesics
    • Moderate Interest (Gambling)
    • Moderate Piloting (Spacecraft)

    Weaknesses :

    • Childish
    • Aimless

    Motivations :

    • (None)

    Secrets :

    • Marcus is desperately trying to conceal and deny his async abilities of precognition by drowning them in a hedonistic haze of women and ethanol.
    • Has a sealed juvenile record which was lost during the fall. The incident was serious enough to warrant two years in a detention center.

    Recent Favors Exchanged :

    • - 8,000 credit loan, 0% APY
    • + Rebalanced accounts for le Château
    • + Smoothed over relations with disgruntled customer
    • + Obtained 2 cases of pre-fall wine
    • + Comforted while medichenes mitigated excessive drunkenness

    Other Notes :

    • Account 9835834589691 transaction history: Login Database Copy
    • Frequently used password: deliciouschocolatechips1
    • Current valuation of investments: 8,345,018.92 credits
    • More

    Additional Ideas (2)

    This is the file a particular person keeps on all of her 'associates'; the people she frequently calls on for favors and who call on her for favors. They fall into a nebulous area between NPC and cohort.

    Minor elements of this sub are based on the eclipse phase setting. Here are some phrases that may not be understood from in-line context:

    Muse - An AI assistant which develops a personality modeld after what methods are most effective at influencing you to make the best possible decisions.

    Uplift - An animal or AI which has been given sapience through modern technology.

    The Fall - The singularity, where technology becomes self-aware and destroys most of humanity.

    Barsoomian - A person who lives on Mars, also a grass-roots movement against hypercorp opression on Mars.

    Biochauvinist - Someone who believes people who inhait mechanical bodies are inferior to those in biological bodies.

    Forking - The act of splitting a conciousness (ego). The conciousness may or may not be given a body (morph).

    Cortical stack - A small computer placed in the spine which houses your ego in case of bodily death.

    Gatecrasher - A modern interstellar explorer.

    Async - Someone infected by a computer/boiological hybrid virus that has unlocked powers rather than killed/enslaved its host as is typical.

    2014-08-28 03:54 PM » Link: [7929#92002|text]
    Credit for some of the weaknesses to: a fantastic list.

    2014-08-28 04:05 PM » Link: [7929#92004|text]
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    Comments ( 6 )
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    August 28, 2014, 16:03
    Zomg why is it messing up my pretty formatting!
    August 29, 2014, 8:31
    A nice assortment of characters - I love the hints at your game world these folks bring. Seems they would also fit well in Scras's Cosmic Era - it has a similar vibe.

    Voted Dozus
    August 29, 2014, 11:13
    You condense a lot into this handy list. I like the stories hinted at in the "Favors."
    August 29, 2014, 16:54
    Thanks! I'm a little sad Zeus didn't make the cut since his favor list read as follows:

    + Loaned 8,000 credits at 35% APY
    + Retrieved from Lavender Finch outpost
    + Hushed incident with Autonomist Genehacker
    + Played wingman at le Château
    - Repaid loan and interest with added kneecap value
    Voted Strolen
    September 1, 2014, 13:49

    Some of the names were very fun!

    Awesome list that I can see holds a lot of thought! Plenty of possible plot points and teasers, relationships. I like all the little details that you can't help but wonder about. Fascinating list!
    Voted Murometz
    October 15, 2014, 18:22
    The formatting here is awesome, aside from the tantalizing world info presented via these npc capsules. Terrific! More!


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