Full Item Description
The collar is a dark leather of medium width and average thickness. It is a large collar for a large neck. The buckle and collar ring are both silver over steel.

Magic/Cursed Properties
If worn by a LARGE dog, they become totally obedient and magnicently well trained. They could give Lassie or an AIBO with a remote control a run for their money. The person who leashes the dog is well respected and treated as if they were the owner. If they were the owner of the animal, the effects are magnified.

Can't be worn by small dogs. If worn by another animal besides a dog, they will begin to exhibit a dog like behavior traits.

If worn by a person (an adult sized Human or other species as long as the collar can fit around their neck), they begin to act like a well trained pet dog. They are unable to speak a language, but able to understand. They can still make barking, growling, and wimpering noises. They become incapable of using their thumbs or walking upright. They will also be fairly obedient, as obedient as the person who is wearing it (if they were a free spirit, then they will be one as a dog). If leashed by someone, then the victim will act as if the person holding the leash is their beloved owner (even after the leash is removed). If worn long enough, the effects will creep into the victim's regular personality... first the obedience, then the animal traits.

Another standard item in the Evil Cult spell book. These items are used to train and break people, so they will do the Evil Cultist's will. Using it is a lot of fun when humiliating people who you dislike.

There are not a lot of these items floating around, as it is not as effective as many items to achieve a Cultist's goals. However, if their taste run towards dominance, this is a perfect tool for them.

Of course, this item has made its way into more standard spell books, as items for animal control.

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