Pegoran Spirit Room

"Calm your mind"," the mage said. "I can't" says Raygar. "It is like my thoughts are echoing in here. It is so loud!" The mage tried to shift the burly bandit, to drag him out of the room. "This is a prayer room, what to ..." The mage practically leapt to the dais. Sitting in the center he sank in a position of reflection and prayed. The mage heard the click. The bandit sighed slightly in the tiniest relief. The mage began to drag the bandit out of the room, heading to and opening one of the doors.


The Pegorans were an ancient culture of note, with a fascination for the "other worldly" and an emphasis on the symbolic, they have left their marks upon the world in the areas or architecture, math, and calligraphy.

Pegoran Prayers Rooms are round rooms, with a flattened half dome shape. They are always painted in a calm pastel color. They have three Pegoran Doors (all equidistant apart) leading into them. The floors have mosaic patterns of their three key colors (red/ blue/ green) that lead from the door in a swirling path to the center of the room.

In the center there is always a raised dais. The edges always contain the names of the Gods. In the days of the Pegorans, there were pillows and silks there. In the modern age, those have long turned to dust.

The Pegoran Doors are normally rigged so they will close and will not open until someone has sat upon the dais (though there is often a button in the very center of the room on the dais that resets the door).

Above the dais there is usually a light source, windows, lamps, or light tubes from the surface. If there is a glowing light sphere there, one needs to be careful.

(The light sphere is empowered by similar runes that syphon off a fraction of the power generated here to run a soft light all the time, and a brighter light when occupied).

You see, then it is a true prayer room. Here the walls have been enchanted with mystic runes that focus thoughts. Unless one can calm their thoughts (meditation or concentration checks), the person will begin to hear their inner thoughts echoing and replaying through their head.

Note: negative modifiers should apply if there are a number of people in the room. Sometimes the thoughts of others will leak into other people's minds.

If the person is unable to control themselves (another check, sanity check, or a failed fear check) they will take mental and emotional damage as their lives, regrets, fears, and pains (all the things they should repent to the Gods) replay and replay in their mind. This can produce actual damage or sanity damage to any target who stays for a scene. (Two more checks are usually made over this scene. If all are failed, the lasting damage is done).

If one can stay calm, the room will aid them in doing so. It assists one in focusing for magic or prayer and will increase a chance for a successful mental action.

Also note: checks for control are made with a slight positive modifier if you are on the dais.

The room is designed to make people contemplate themselves and pray to their deities. The reflection of thought is to help people realize their errors and what they feel bad about, so they know what to pray about. When you can focus yourself and deal with your issues and meditate/ pray, you will be successful in their way of looking at things. If one is not prepared for what occurs, the effect can be quite destructive. But the Pegoran's knew what they were getting into. Unless your PCs make an appropriate check....


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I like it!

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Updated: updated for equidistant doors and answered "How are the lights powered" question.

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I can imagine the uses such a room could be put to by a later culture. They could barricade the convicted inside for a time to let them suffer, or perhaps throw newly initiated paladins or priestesses into the room as a sort of "test of purity." Hell, this could even make for a very interesting cell in a high-security prison. The person inside would be forced to remain in a near-constant state of meditation to avoid going insane.

Spawning lots of ideas, which is the important part. Well done!

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A good addition for dungeons plus a nice idea on itself.

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