Many years ago, as war raged in the south, a king came to the current Master of the Clan Ironspirit, known to him as the greatest of all blacksmiths. 'Create for me, O Master of Soul and Steel, Create for me a thing which will bring ruination to the ability of the Southlanders to make war upon me.' Master Bren, the then-Master of the clan, looked upon the king, then, as he responded, 'Such a thing I will give you, though it may not be as you wish. Return to me in one week hence, upon the birth of the moon, and I will give you your thing.'

The King went then, dismissed by the Master, and Master Bren sat himself down to think. Three things he kept at hand as he meditated: His own blade of Judgement, a new sword, and a sword old and worn and useless. In a day, he was ready to proceed, and in the next rising of the sun, his thing was done.

When the King returned, gave he it to the King, with the instructions, 'Your own smiths can make this again, and again, and again. Each man shall have one, and facing him, every sword must fail, even Judgement.' Though he did not understand, the King ordered it so, for the words of the Master rang true and convictioned in his ears, and delighted was he when the Southren swords shattered against the shields of his men...

A 'type' of shield rather than an artifact, Notcher is a simple, rather thin, curved wooden shield, with a steel rim around the edge, and a series of comb-like, raised metal strips across the body of the shield, both vertical and horizontal - Any blade that meets this shield edge on is rapidly notched and worn into uselessness, as the thin, fragile edge batters against the hard, sharp corners of the shield.

In battle, a series of 2-3 successful parries with a Notcher will degrade the worksmanship of a weapon one level -> Masterwork -> Normal -> Poor -> Broken. This shield is heavier than an average buckler, and may require special training.

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