Excerpt from the music box description:

Driven to madness by his own ego, syphilis and personal failures, Mordalin fell to the basest of human follies; Chaos Worship. Under the tutelage of Futharius, the Clockwork-Master, Mordalin learnt the secrets of creation and the connection between music, speech and the Essence of Reality.

The music box is rumoured to have been his final creation, his last piece of work before insanity and Chaos claimed him at long last.

When someone opens the music box, the figurine of a lady clad in a black dress will begin to turn. Weird, slow music will play and slowly a thick fog will pour out of it. The music will not be stopped and the lid will not close until ten minutes have passed. Strange marshlights / wisps will float out of the box along with the fog and after a while the surroundings will appear like a dark dream world. The box acts like a beacon to all restless spirits and roaming dead.

Single play version (787 KB)

Looped version (500 KB)

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