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Morghwann Seeds like to grow on fallen trees, though rarely can be found inside of low-quality shacks and cabins, on wooden beams that have become wet. As many other fungi, it helps in decomposing organic matter like wood. Brown top, brown-blackish bottom, they can be eventually found if you know what you are searching for. The pollen is spread in bursts of fine dust when strong winds are blowing, or rubs down on things touching it - probably the reason why the fungus does not want to be eaten.

The most distinguishing feature is then its taste: revolting to the tongue it touches, it induces vomiting if it is not immediately spit out. Even if swallowed, it will upset the stomach strongly and achieve the same effect. No joke! It is so disgusting, that there is no known creature that would seem to like it. Many animals instinctively avoid it, and most learn quickly what its innocuous smell means.

The name 'Morghwann' comes from some mythical demon (ie: probably invented one) of disgust and assorted nastiness. The reason is now largely forgotten anyway. As it grows and multiplies relatively slowly if compared to other fungi, it is now rare around human settlements, where it is often gathered (or simply destroyed by those that don't like it.)

Additional Information / Uses:

- practical jokes, obviously
- if there is a need to quickly induce vomiting, the Seed will help effectively
- a diluted extract from it with a few other components serves to suppress appetite, and will become a popular diet one day
- for training and repelling animals, combining food with this fungus can produce wondrous results
- as a component for spells of repulsion, breaking love and similar magics

It has been once described as the product of a vulture throwing up after eating another vulture dead for a month. According to an experiment someone has really performed, vultures won't eat it either.

As far as could be determined, it is not poisonous in any way.

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