After being cut in half on a job gone bad, Kylie reinvented herself as the street samurai Metody.


Metody, a rough translation of Half, is a broke runner. After being cut in half on a mission to infiltrate the ISS Senza Fine Kylie's reputation as a runner was also cut in half. She incurred exceptional medical expenses as well, along with ongoing costs associated with maintaining her cybernetic components and general health. Her job prospects are low to highly questionable, and her bank account is depleted. These make concerns like find a life partner or engaging in a social life quite secondary.


Metody has reinvented herself as a street samurai, including changing her name and general appearance. She plays a strong angle as a tough as nails street samurai, complete with her cybernetic legs and a badass attitude. Hair shaved on the side, tattoos, matching katanas and silvered machine pistols, smartbike and a combat harness.

The Conflict Between

The main conflict is that Kylie was a low profile shadowrunner, one who would slink in showing a bit a thigh or a flash of skin to slip through normally tight security, complete with designer shoes, cutting edge body art, and a dash of custom tailored pheromone. Now she sports combat boots that are continually being destroyed by her synthetic feet. Her mission profile is high collateral damage, flashy, full of gunfights and close quarters combat. These are things she can do, but is not necessarily the best at. With the damage done to her reputation, the low profile, high danger jobs are no longer being offered to her.


Broke - Metody has a lot of medical debt to pay off, and if she falls too far behind they will show up to repossess her cybernetics. If she gets way too far behind she will be turned over to a debt collection agency, and it is likely the repo men will not just take her augmentations, but her other valuable organs as well. Bloody end.

Maintenance - being 50% cybernetic, she requires regular maintenance on her mechanical parts as well as regular medical visits to ensure she isn't rejecting her components, and is otherwise in good health, despite loosing most of her intestines, and all of the organs and such from her belly button down.

Bad Reputation - shadowrunning is based on rep, and after the botched Senza Fine mission, she is now considered an unreliable asset and won't get jobs rated higher than C+. This means low pay, questionable employers, sketchy jobs, and worse.


Because of her low rep score, Metody is increasingly involved in underworld and criminal activities. This has brought her in contact with black market cybernetics, and slowly increasing her rep there as a reliable, if smashy and flashy operator.

Greatest Fear

Metody's greatest fear is being hunted down and parted out like an old car. To this end, she lives an incredibly frugal life, takes jobs based on their payout, and if the augmentation isn't needed for a job, she doesn't have it. In cyborg terms she's considered a Barbie Doll. She looks the part, but there is nothing downstairs for entertainment purposes.


Metody is an anglo-latinx hailing from Arizona. She was formerly of average height with dark hair, eyes, and complexion, but after the accident, she ended up a fair bit taller due to picking the least expensive (and somewhat oversized) cybernetic legs. She has since changed her hair color, complexion, and eye color with OTC Mods. She now has silver eyes, pastel rainbow colored hair, and a metallic sheen to her skin.

She is calm and confident, walks with purpose and focus, and looks every bit the covergirl for SamuraiGirls.

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